Mar 7 2018

that is a good car for snowy locales, you did good. try shooting some wd40 down the window tracks and work that switch in the range it is mobile and it might do the trick, older cars get this way and it has always worked for me

Mar 6 2018

Yep they were outdated when they first came out - in the early 80s. Which was too bad, as the 3.0 V6 was a pretty decent motor.

Oct 24 2017

Pretty much same thing... Oil filter gasket fell off the new filter. Oil everywhere. Everyone at the residence covered in car oil. Lots of excitement

Oct 24 2017

Recently did plugs and coils on my buddy’s pathfinder and we found a screwdriver that looked like it had been in there for a decade. But hey, free screwdriver!

Oct 24 2017

I was down to one car at the time (the horror!) and had to bicycle to an O’Reilly.

Oct 16 2017

Never have I seen a car that was so thoroughly wasted. This is keeping the Mona Lisa in a dark closet where no one can view it. This is making a perfect filet and lobster tail, just to look at. This is reading Mozart’s music without ever playing it.
I will never understand the value of a thing when that thing has Read more

Oct 13 2017

Putting windshield wiper controls in a freaking menu that you have to poke around for on a touchscreen while you are driving in the rain is a perfect example of how Tesla is a techbro company first, car company second.

Oct 5 2017

> why is it okay that we as customers take advantage of these employees because the ‘chose’ the career? Read more

Sep 26 2017

What I’d do, is trade sell the STI, but a nice comfy car for commuting but not brand new, likes 5 year old Ford Taurus, and then but a used WRX or something as a fun car. Rather than dropping 40 grand on a car that you probably will find boring and hate after a year or two

Mar 8 2016

The first law of Jalopodynamics: Vehicle projects will expand to overfill all available space and time.

Mar 8 2016

The first law of Jalopodynamics: Vehicle projects will expand to fill all available space and time.

Mar 8 2016

I knew things were bad when you, the man who owns 4 Jeeps, bought that Honda Accord as your winter car.

Jan 13 2015

Well said. Can we include the Youabian Puma in this, so I never have to see it again?