Mar 2 2016

Why is it that the interior of every private plane, no matter how expensive, ends up looking like a 1985 Starcraft van conversion?

Nov 13 2015

Does youtube have some kind of algorithm to know when to insert advertisements in videos? It seems that they almost always appear when the video is at crucial moments. In this case, just when the explosion starts during the replay(for me, not sure if it’s the same for everyone). The explosion is quite astonishing Read more

Oct 5 2015

Yeah, I have a strong sense of jealousy reading this shit while at my desk at work. I would’ve killed for a game like this when I was young.

Oct 5 2015

Damn it. It’s things like this that make me wish for the free time of my youth to waste solving these sorts of puzzles...

Aug 20 2015

Clearly Obama has contracted the Sun to destroy our society quicker than he can by himself.

Aug 19 2015

So is my wife (who’s a divorce attorney). This is almost as good news as gay marriage.

Aug 5 2015

Interestingly enough, $125.00 is also the amount Jeb Bush thinks we should be spending on women’s health issues.

Jul 6 2015

Remember they days not parking the head of your hard drive was terrifying? Man...i feel so old today.