Mar 11

Excellent content. My observation: Red Dwarf is clearly a class 4 ship, but the show sort of spans classes 2, 4, 5 and 7.

Feb 10

Van Gogh probably spent no more than $50 bucks for the canvas and paint he used to create Starry Night. I’m not saying this 240 is a masterpiece, but I’m not saying it’s not a masterpiece...

Feb 5

So I have the prior version, the X100F. Although you can find great compact cameras that match or even exceed some of the specs of the X100V (or X100F) for $600 to $800 (eg, pixel count), these cameras offer some features that are very unique. I’ve also had the X100T and X100S... In short, they are really unique Read more

Jan 7 2019

I bought a 2005 E55 back in 2010. It had a couple of electronics issues when I bought it, but the dealer fixed it up. No issues at all for the 3 years or so I had it, despite the extra wear of life in NYC (including the time my now wife drove it all the way to New London, CT in 2d gear).