Sep 22

Far and away my biggest tip is a direct contradiction to this: Stubborn Defiance is great for mid-game, terrible for end game. As soon as you can afford 3 stacks of Death Defiance, use that. Once you’re comfortable with the game it’s really only Hades and maybe Theseus getting in a cheap shot that you’ve really gotta Read more

Sep 14

Considering the Navy navigates vast oceans and rough seas, you’d think they’d be better at handling streams.

Aug 12

He wasn’t in the original release. When Atlus brought SMT3 out of Japan, they used the “director’s cut” which added Dante, and when they released a further updated version of that only in Japan, they replaced Dante with Raidou, who is in the HD remaster now. I’m assuming the DLC gives you a choice as to who you get to Read more

Jul 14

Well, I hope Orcs Must Die 3 comes to PC eventually, because I love those games.

Jul 1

I played them not a long time ago. They are good shooters. The big problem for Crysis however is that the main features of the game (great graphics, suit powers, Sandbox-type gamplay in C1) are nowadays so common that it just doesnt really feel special anymore. Read more

Jun 24

It’s incredibly easy to tell what’s being driven by consumers. Go look at sales. Check out NPD for any month, and or for a calendar fiscal year. Why are games huge? Because (beginning slowly, last gen, bur becoming mainstream this cycle) people devalued majority of the shorter games. They took the rental or wait for Read more

Jun 22

Vault Boy is finally in a game that wont crash at 60 fps!

Jun 3

Depends on how far back you’re willing to go and which systems you want to play on. On modern systems, you’re pretty much limited to Spider-Man on PS4, Ultimate Alliance 3 on Switch, and the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes titles. Deadpool is also on modern system, and it’s a good, goofy time but, being Activision, it’s Read more

May 20

Too bad I can’t refund Doom Eternal. Bethesda knew exactly what they were doing with the timing of that Denuvo update. Never buy a Bethesda game day 1.

May 19

This really isn’t surprising at all. Unreal is a multi-platform engine, and the best way to stress test an engine on target hardware is to throw production game content at it. Even though GoW3 was a Microsoft exclusive there’s no reason they couldn’t build the game for PS3 (or any other platform that Unreal supports Read more

May 12

It doesn’t help that cyber cafes are currently closed so there’s a big homeless problem right now in japan because of the virus outbreak. That’s worth an article of its own. Read more

Apr 21

Pretty  funny for Epic and their practices with propitary walled gardens has an issue with “Google Store” while waging war with Steam.