10:01 PM

Modern, American crony capitalism has run out of ways to make more money. They’re already selling us damned near everything at 30,000% markup or higher, taking 99.99% of profit from every enterprise and leaving that 0.01% to feed the workers who actually make things and provide services.

10:48 AM

“Ok fine, I’ll stop being racist if I have to. But I’m still going to treat my employees like shit.”

5:13 AM

Everyone warped it into being about how being barebones the store is. What it really is about is having a Console concept of exclusive that makes sense move into the PC gaming base where it doesn’t make sense at all.

10:49 AM

I thought she already kinda had that skin? Oh wait, no, I’m thinking of Lt. Morales in HotS.

11:27 AM

At everyone going to inevitably complain about the grind of drawing magic:

8:13 PM

So, they brought back a game from 15 years ago...and a million people are simply watching other people play it.

7:00 PM

Here’s the monopolistic part of it... The DARQ dev was offered an Epic deal, They basically said “Nah, I don’t want to do that after I told my fans that it was coming to Steam. I’d love to also have it on Epic Store however in addition to the others so people can choose where they get it.” What was Epic’s totally not

3:18 PM

I’ve played both of these in the past couple of years and didn’t really find cutscenes or encounters to be a huge deal. I feel like we’ve just been spoiled and conditioned to want things as fast as possible, and while some QOL changes wouldn't be a bad thing for these or other games, they're not anywhere near as

1:31 PM

“Sadly, the HD remakes of Grandia and its sequel include nothing of the sort. Outside of the enhanced visuals, there are no useful quality-of-life features, which may make both games near-unplayable for those of us who might want to play (or replay) them but don’t have the patience to spend dozens of hours mashing the

2:18 PM

So much of Gamer Rage(tm) around the idea of politics seems to stem from their actual, severe lack of literary critique skills. A total and absolute inability to discern themes, metaphor, symbolism, and host of other, 6th grade English education. If you had to read Great Gatsby, your English teacher

2:10 PM

This breaks the very concept of freedom of speech, not the internet.

Business are allowed to conduct their business in any way they want. The only thing they cannot do is deny you access due to race, sex, religion. If political affiliation is there, that becomes a conflict of interest.

With this law, they’re

8:57 PM

Well, as a person who suffers from depression, bipolar, and anxiety, I don’t feel attacked. I like it, actually. It’s his best skin, maybe tied with the Talon epic skin. I don’t really see a reason to be upset. He’s a villain. They’re not saying all mentally ill people are like him. They have a host of villains who

12:20 PM

While I will respectfully disagree, it is fantastic. Really that entire OST is just fucking fantastic.

6:25 PM

I honestly don’t know what indie devs can do these days. There are just too many games. I own thousands and thousands of games both physical and digital, and honestly I don’t even look for new games all that often, I’m never at a shortage of something to play. I check my Humblebundle monthly and have my eye on certain