Oct 19

I imagine the weight of the car makes a significant difference at that point. The Bugatti is a very heavy car (4400lb for the Chiron), and I could easily see this one being a fraction of the weight. The strain on the tires may be less enough that they can handle it better.

Oct 10

As a perhaps soon-to-be owner of an old used luxury car I’m reading these posts with renewed interest. Trepidation even. But you are encouraging me, I can do it!! 

Sep 29

Mileage or not, that’s a lot of coin for a ranger. Is the market that wild there or is this just in the top 1% of examples? Either way, unless you’re going on tight trails you would could buy a lot of full-size with that budget*. Read more

Sep 19

And watch out for the damn deer. That will ruin your trip. 

Sep 18

Well as someone who would “fit the profile” I (as well as friends and family that are from the “other side”) haven’t been too worried about being profiled going through checkpoints. Its one thing to say it’s a bullshit policy, but quite another for someone to say they won’t travel the I-10 because of the border Read more

Sep 18

I’ll just throw out I-70 is my least favorite. I’ve never traversed the whole route at once, but over 3 trips through the Midwest I’ve done most of it and it’s just brutal. I-10 is great except for the endless oil wells and cows between El Paso and San Antonio. A combo of I-80 and I-90 is my favorite though for sure.

Sep 16

Personally 35-40k is my hard stop for anything normal/practical. If I’m thinking of spending more 35k or more my vision goes immediately to something special and fun. Read more

Sep 4

This is what I want the next mustang to look like!

Sep 1

It’s going to scream so loud grown ass men with families at car shows will be the ones begging the driver to “please” rev it some more.
Read more

Aug 26

I am no expert, but it sounds like the police gave him as much leeway as they could, by NOT using force until the last possible moment... They let him get all the way to the point where he was reaching into a vehicle which could easily result in him obtaining a weapon there. Read more