The Artist Formely Known As Woody
Dec 22

Funny, I’m a 25+ year Apple fan considering switching to a PC – not because of the M1, but because of Apple’s continuing movement away from useable pro setups and dwindling interest in customer satisfaction.

Oct 22

It’s only the limit if the line is drawn at paralysis

Aug 12

Excuse me, the movie is GREAT. Yes, it’s different from the comic in a lot of ways, but it’s an excellent adaptation that does its own thing while still being true to the comic. Read more

Jan 30 2020

Well, yes, but that’s exactly why it’s stupid that A. they’re now saying they’re going to change the meta much more quickly than they used to (if it doesn’t affect the majority of players, then who gives a shit?), and B. they already limited your choice when they instituted role queue, which singlehandedly destroyed Read more

Jan 19 2020

just an fyi, Kim was Paris’ assistant before she became famous (this is info I wish I did not know, but I do)

Jul 18 2019

I had no idea this was happening. I’ll be sure to get it when it comes out on DVD.

Jul 16 2019

Ah, yes, Tulsi Gabbard, Putin’s democratic candidate.

Jun 23 2019

I’ve read some other commenter make this suggestion before and I think it is a good idea: Trump loves putting his name on everything — so let’s do just that. These border camps should be rebranded as “Trumpcamps” — forever linking him to this act of abominable cruelty. Read more

Aug 10 2018

When? Never, because the same reason nobody on Jalop addresses another dead loser, Henry Ford. People tend not to throw dirt on the dead, because it’s just not as cathartic. Because they’re now dead, nobody cares. Read more