The Snowman
Sep 28
New hotrod!

My dad finally replaced his roadster we built with a new project car. He went down to socal to pick it up this

Aug 1
New electron pipes.

The pixies that power my drill press were leaking out of the old tubes due to 60ish year old wiring. Also none of

Jul 1
New organic clutch

I am surprised by the results of this vegan clutch but I won't spoil it in case anyone actually wants to watch these

Jun 13

Do any other oppos own a hover-dog? My model is very hard to focus on due to her blackness. The AF on my camera

Mar 7
The balls on this guy.

Was parked like this blocking an entire aisle long enough for me to walk around the corner to the grocery store come

Feb 29
62° in Utah in February

Weather was so nice I took my first wife out to lunch today. Can’t believe this car has been together for 20 years

Jul 8 2019

My neighbor is ready to Ford some rivers with this bad boy.

May 3 2019
C10 for sale. Np or np

1985 Chevrolet C 10 oppo pricing available if anyone is serious. I have decided we need to get down to five cars, I

Apr 20 2019
Air cooled things

Stopped by Morris Brothers with the Park City car club. My 41 was the oldest car here by 15 years.

Apr 2 2019
Boycott Firestone

I bought some tires from and had them delivered to my local Firestone shop in SLC. Tires showed up