Mar 4

I don’t understand why everyone is so worried. All the latest SCOTUS appointees have talked about how much they respect precedent, so they aren’t going to contradict a 4-year old ruling over the exact same issue.
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Dec 15 2019

I’d wager that every bit of his “broken” look is planned and probably even professionally done before any public appearance or interview.

Nov 18 2019

That column was simply awesome and there were hundreds more dedicated to taking down that bloated sack of shit. Jason Whitlock had the never to fat shame Serena Williams. Yes I am serious.

Nov 18 2019

This is why The MLBPA laughs at them. I mean Marvin Miller would’ve sued The NFL ten times over already and gotten them to cave. I mean this union, I laugh when I type that word, has caved on everything when pressed. Even now they are getting ready to approve a 17 game schedule with no guaranteed contracts. DeMaurice Read more

Oct 27 2019

Yes, but it also plays into his “most attacked president in history” narrative and by Wednesday, he’ll be saying it was just a small group Democratic representatives and he heard they had paid some people off to boo him. Probably illegal immigrants taking those booing jobs away from real Americans who love him, but Read more

Oct 21 2019

I know no one will ever see this as I’m a lowly grey commenter, but can you guys quit with the auto-play videos. I keep thinking the voices in my head are back.

Oct 15 2019

Not only this, but with every exposé he manages to publish, my concern for his continued existence grows significantly. Read more

Oct 7 2019

except that many in mainland china know that their government is fucked up and, if given the chance to change things, they would... they’re just powerless to do anything about it

Oct 7 2019

I am shocked, shocked that this collection of obscenely rich people don’t risk a bit of their wealth for the right thing compared to those other obscenely rich people I was just bemoaning!

Oct 7 2019

You barely get to live in the world at allmuch less run a multibillion dollar business with global ties and partnerships of varying degrees—without there being a political undertone to most of your actions.

Oct 7 2019

I’m sure the million ethnic Muslim Ugyhurs residing in the Xinjiang re-education camps will be happy to hear about the NBA’s commitment to Chinese fans as they assemble for their 5 a.m. re-education seminar. It will make their morning rice gruel taste so much sweeter.

Sep 25 2019

I don’t think there is anyone I despise more than Roy Cohn. Including Hitler.

Sep 25 2019

I mean his mentor was an actual fucking Mobster. 

Sep 25 2019

Except satanists don’t actually hurt people, there is no track record of it, it’s against the Satanic bible to do so. Incels have a track record of doing some major damage, as is outlined in the article.