The ever-present football-player rapist
5/13/15 7:59AM

Unless your fever gets really high or affects your sleep, people should avoid taking these as they are symptomatic drugs meaning they do not cure what you suffer from.

4/26/15 11:57PM

But Napster was designed for regular users to share files, not proliferate extremely brand new music (new as in the rips are minutes old.) For that, you go straight to the xdcc sources who upload to xdcc servers immediately. You type in an xdcc command (usually something like /msg xdccbot124 xdcc send #23) and if it’s Read more

4/24/15 3:05PM

I mostly agree. I know several people who have lost a spouse and the best advice seems to be “no life altering decisions in the first year” Don’t sell the house (unless you have to), don’t throw everything away, don’t get married. You’re too messed up to make good decisions.

4/09/15 11:31AM

What? No, seriously, what? Why the fuck would I care what happens to the dealership and why the fuck would I ever answer a survey anything but honestly? And why the fuck would I care what a dealer does to make things right AFTER they've already fucked everything up. They've got one fucking job to do: sell me a Read more

4/09/15 11:13AM

This is the same backwards logic that says because some video game publishers give bonuses based on the Metacritic score, a reviewer that gives a bad score is punishing the developers and morally wrong. Read more

4/09/15 11:07AM

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is stingy on high marks. Something has to go super above and beyond to get highly satisfied or something like that in surveys. To me, satisfied means that I am pretty damn well satisfied.

4/09/15 10:53AM

I would strongly disagree. Providing honest feedback on the survey is not what is wrong. What is wrong is that the dealership gets punished for it. Some people are real a-holes or idiots and will give things bad reviews for stupid reasons. Other people (like me), are very stingy with the highest or lowest marks. My Read more

4/09/15 10:43AM

Or maybe people need to revue honestly and the OEMs need to fix the surveys. What you suggest will never change the system.

4/08/15 9:49PM

10% bad, or even 5% bad, with power, a gun and the trust of most of the powerful people behind them can cause a ton of problems. Especially if they are untouchable. I

4/08/15 9:13AM

The second woman, Catherine Somani, 53, was slashed in the abdomen, the sources said. Read more

3/27/15 10:54AM

I'd feel slightly (just slightly) more comfortable wearing returned pants, unless I had prior knowledge that the previous owner enjoyed pulling them so deep in their ass crack and crotch that they could taste that sweet, sweet denim. Read more

2/26/13 10:15AM

... are you guys kidding? Only some nerd would get "addicted" to weed. This is why I never go to nerd parties, there's never any good drugs and too many internet references. I can only assume most nerds are bitter because no one in their right mind would share trees with the uptight asshole in history who always has Read more