Dec 28

1 - population density, I have no idea how the numbers look on a per capita basis - but I do agree that the state is in a bad spot right now Read more

Aug 5

I understand wanting to see your folks, but air travel at this time is no joke. There are doctors who have studied and treated patients with everything from ebola to SARS that have caught COVID from air travel. They said even wearing masks and wiping down like they would for other diseases didn’t work because they got Read more

May 13

What the actual fuck am I looking at!? It’s like a rejected wax figure from Madame Tussauds that hasn't been melted yet because it broke the furnace.  Twice.

May 12

That kinda reminds me of the time(s) that my family would go to Kinzua state park in PA, to the famous bridge that held the world record of tallest railroad bridge for two years. Read more

May 6

It doesn’t matter what he says and how eloquently he says it.  You won’t vote for Biden and you will love it when the orange baboon gets terms 2, 3, 4 and so on.  You’re everything wrong with this country and I wish that you would just get off this site.  Now go ahead and insult me and call me whatever names you want Read more

Apr 27

I am actually 57, not as old as you might think, and very healthy, but I am not waiting for a vaccine. I am not saying full stay at home, either. But I am not advocating stopping social distancing, and keeping only the essentials available. You are advocating full reopening, which is stupid. Full Stop. Stupid. You Read more

Sep 5 2019

Tesla has a different model when it comes to sales and service. I will agree, yes the parts situation is weird. You call their service department and they either fix the car on the spot or haul it to a certified shop. But OTOH its not horribly as weird as you’d think.
Read more

Mar 18 2019

This is like the preseason. There are people that may seem great now until we get into the debates. I’ll stay open until then. Thats what is really stabbing me here, is that to promote one candidate they’re willing to sacrifice the others, sometimes for some petty shit, like this article. Read more

Mar 18 2019

On Splinters’ obvious swollen clit for Bernie: I think of the song in Chicago with Billy Flynn, “all I care about is love.”

Dec 5 2018

“Apparently making “Bro-dozers” is highly profitable and furthermore, making them look in a way that bros tend to like, which is to loudly advertise to everyone on the road that they and the 10 million other bros are big scary badasses.” Read more