the dude
Sep 6 2016

So, you’re trying to suggest, that for even one second you thought that Snake Plisken is taken over by some alien??!! That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever read and I’ve read most of the internets.

Sep 6 2016

Go check your intake manifold pressure before your floor boards fall off already.

Sep 6 2016

This is what you use a K-car for......

Sep 6 2016

Pretty cool that wages have increased accordingly with inflation of everything else...oh...wait.

Sep 6 2016

To be fair Boston and the rest of Massachusetts is still pretty damn racist.

Sep 4 2016

And yet... In several jobs I’ve had where my work was officially measured on output, when I put out a huge amount of work and was very highly responsive, etc, I was perceived as less productive than my colleagues who came in earlier, even though they had fewer responsibilities and produced less. When I would get that Read more

Sep 4 2016

Yeah! Who cares about quantifiable data and expert analysis from people who do that sort of thing for a living. You’ve got a preexisting belief, and goddammit if anybody’s gonna make you change your mind!

Aug 31 2016

It’s as if children’s lives have an impact on their parents or something.

Aug 30 2016

Personally, I liked JFC for its weirdness, if nothing else, but understand why most don’t. Read more