The Dirty V
Oct 18 2019

Negative batman. The worst thing that you can say about the Yankees is that they functionally created the disparate landscape of haves and have-nots across MLB that meant that they could maintain their iron-clad grip on success, and moreover that they are the active leaders in making sure that this landscape will Read more

Oct 17 2019

Remember that time you wrote “black peoples issues” on the internet and expected people to take you’re dumb ass opinion seriously? Read more

Sep 22 2019

Oh fuck off. I’ve never watched GOT but I’ve seen him in plenty of other roles and he’s a phenomenal actor. I do know that like it or not that show wouldn’t have been NEARLY the success it was during its run without his charming ass in it. So that’s literally the only GOT Emmy I’m OK with.

Look, we get it, he doesn’t Read more

Sep 19 2019

They have rankings of these things, based on statistics. He hasn’t been in the top 10 in QBR in the last two seasons, and he’s currently ranked 31 for 2019.

Sep 17 2019

You get a more fulfilling experience riding on a boat under the DMB tour bus than you do going to one of their shows 

Sep 9 2019

A woman came up to me yesterday and said to me, governor, please stop eating the Costco samples. those are for everyone. Read more

Sep 9 2019

Speaking of stinky bathrooms, Tomato, you still haven’t drunk my diarrhea. When are you going to drink my diarrhea? Read more

Sep 9 2019

That is an untenable position for the general election. As you know, George, I just biked around Lake Michigan, nearly 1,000 miles, through Michigan and Wisconsin, two really important states. Nobody at a diner ran at me and said, take my healthcare away. Nobody. This is — this is reckless as it relates to — and you Read more

Sep 7 2019

I can’t believe a sports league exists where there are basically 20+ incompetently-run franchises and 1 that feasts on them all.

Sep 4 2019

I think you mean 2021 Divisional Round playoff game.