That Is Not Ironic
Oct 16 2015

Tough Luck; Don’t Resuscitate. A quick google would have yielded the answer.

Oct 11 2015

This is a haunting image. They’re standing strong and united but I get a sense of deep pain in their demeanor.

Oct 11 2015

I saw this on another Gawker article. It does show how hard it can be to handle guns in a surprise situation.

Oct 11 2015

She’s also popular with some Black feminists/Womanists as well. My circle of friends will often forward her sketches around and I saw Trainwreck with a couple of my BF/Womanist friends (we liked it well enough, it was OK, not great). Read more

Oct 11 2015

I’m a boring, standard issue white dude, but I like her because she’s funny.

Oct 10 2015

Way to take your ball and bat and go home pouting , sisters. Congratulations on taking away a chance at happiness and safety for countless kids because you’re child rearing views are antiquated and plain old wrong.