I... That’s... But... Isn’t... Read more

Is there another answer?

Oh FancyKristen, never change. Read more

Teresa, I personally want to thank you.

I’ve always been amazed at how Smarts perform in frontal crash tests but always wondered how they would fare when hit from behind. I’d love to see after pictures from the scene. Read more

Yea, mine is the bright blue and the red always throws me off. If it was more than just me, I probably would’ve gone with the CX5 but since I’m single and in the city, I went with the 3. Read more

Just got my CX3 tinted. It really does make a world of difference. Especially with the heat retained by the black seats. Read more

I suddenly feel an urge to buy a one way plane ticket across the pond. Read more

I would trade in my car right now for this. Read more

VA also has that stupid mandate unfortunately. Read more

Fact. So expensive. Back in January, we took the Amtrak from Raleigh to Orlando for the Rolex 24. 13 hours overnight wasn’t too bad (we did get a sleeper cell/bunk) but it was sooooo expensive. I think it was like $240 down on the train, and $150 for the 1.5 hour flight back. Read more

Every time I pass by this bridge I have to laugh because there are signs everywhere and yet it keeps happening... Read more

Proud Camry kid here. My mom’s 02 Camry has 360,000 miles and is still going strong.. The reliability is virtually unmatched. Read more

Can confirm. Source: I owned one of the first gen Versas Read more

I love how the police car is an Intrepid. I forgot those things even existed! Read more

FancyKristen would definitely not approve. Read more

If you had to switch cars for a week with one other Jalop staff member, who would be your first and last choice? Read more

I was just explaining this to someone. I always have to ask for more clarification based on practicality, affordability, production year, body type, country of origin, etc. Read more

Agreed about the Blind Spot Monitor. I have a ‘16 CX3 and the only time it really goes off is when I’m turning a corner to let me know there’s a curb or something. I don’t truly understand it. Read more

Glad I wasn’t the only one that made that reference. Read more