Sep 9 2019

I certainly don’t. This isn’t some innocent oversight, it’s intentional. Any marketing professional that doesn’t understand Kotaku’s relevance wouldn’t be working for Gearbox - they’re intentionally blackballing sites that have covered Randy Pitchford’s BS.

Sep 3 2019

I’m sure he means it when he says he wants to end it in five years. Whether he actually does is another matter. I mean, wasn’t Oda’s original goal for One Piece to last just 5 years in total? And now we’re into its 3rd decade. If it went another 10 years or even 15, it wouldn’t shock me one bit.

Aug 26 2019

I actually made a joke about Nowak just a few days ago, so this was real freaky to see show up. Read more

Aug 25 2019

We’ve just witnessed a classy guy say “I don’t give a shit” without it sounding the least bit offensive. 

Aug 21 2019

The amount of time us 99 percenters have invested in this entire thing is really depressing.

Aug 20 2019

Biggest hit for me is Game Informer, they do great work and I don’t want to see them go! 

Aug 13 2019

I am really looking forward to their live adaptation of Aladdin 4: Jafar May Need Glasses

Aug 9 2019

This is a good list but it has reminded me just how salty I still am about Almost Human being canceled.

Aug 7 2019

Really? Because it’s the scene that ruined the movie for me. It was super obvious that she had taken the wrong enveloppe, so the fact that the movie kept trudging along for 20 minutes pretending that I had not noticed the incredibly telegraphed switcheroo just infuriated me to no end. I hate movies who take me for a Read more

Jul 31 2019

Horny idiots are going to horny idiot - I’d take their money if I could

Jul 21 2019

Admit it, you just wanted to get that dumb joke in first

Jul 19 2019

As a journalist, don’t you think you should have asked real questions? Like their stance on abortion? Women’s rights? Homosexuality? Just curious.

Jul 16 2019

all black casts are just as bad as all white casts (except for African storylines). It’s not equality if you think you need to remove every white person to make black people shine. Just as it is not empowerment if the only way to portray powerful female Avengers is to remove every single male Avenger from the picture.. Read more