Jan 25

I’m a hiring manager and I call every single person I want to interview because I can extrapolate a great deal about them just based on how they answer the phone and how they react to my inquiry.

And yeah, the VM that’s full or isn’t set up in the first place is definitely a negative.

Also: obnoxious music ringtones. Read more

Jan 22

Cancelling student loan debt is going to be a hard sell because Americans hate the idea of helping others when they can’t take advantage of the help themselves. It’s a perverse kind of thinking where they would rather suffer and have a shittier economy than deign to help others. We see it with Universal Healthcare, Read more

Jan 21

To me denying future students debt cancellation because we had to work through it is the same kind of thinking that allows things like hazing rituals to continue: We had to suffer, so everyone else should as well.  Sure, it’s annoying that we missed or partly missed the chance (I’m half way through my student debt), Read more

Jan 14

Not to excuse the guy, but being the awkward 2-4 years younger one on a set\workplace filled with the exploding egos of a group teens must have been rough

Jan 7

My first exposure to him was on Seinfeld in the fat-free frozen yogurt episode. I was probably 15 or so. I probably thought he was “cool” because he was down to participate in the joke on a sitcom. Probably also couldn’t imagine that Jerry and everyone else would have him cameo on the show if he was a complete piece Read more

Dec 29

yes. also, though everyone wants to hate on admin, every single business grinds to a halt if someone doesn’t hit print on the paychecks or set a schedule. Yes, some jobs are more publicly visible/public in general.   For purposes of who can work from home; sure, essential vs. non-essential works.   But that doesn’t Read more

Dec 17

Totally starring that last sentence. It is fucking exhausting having to be the outlet for my husband’s needs because he’s too scared to make friends.

Dec 15

This is incredibly reductive, and ignores a bunch of factors, but:
Good, Fast, Cheap.
Pick 2.
The world chose Good and Fast.

Dec 13

I bet that’s going to make next year’s Those We’ve Lost segment super awkward.

Dec 11

The pathetic part is to only take pictures of mask wearers without otherwise enforcing the mask policy. 

Dec 10

I’m worried about my wife. She’s not anti-vax, but she has very bad needlephobia, like hyperventilating, busting into tears, and getting tunnel vision. Read more