Jan 21

Jokes on you. The talkies destroyed the medium. Directors are still playing catch up to what cinema was doing in the 1920s. Get off my lawn!

Jan 20

Rigid adherence to overly harsh, and/or unjustified penalties is an important aspect of authoritarianism, so yes, it fuckin well is.

Jan 20

Seriously. By FGC standards this is literally nothing. It’s the mildest joke I’ve seen. I’m wondering if there’s something else he did, that no one is privy to, because if not then NRS has the thinnest skin of any dev.

Jan 19

Fighting game players have a long history of calling out “cheapness” and exploiting cheap tactics while griping at the developers. It’s a semi-rowdy heckling thing that gives the scene texture and makes it feel less like sponsored corporate nonsense.

If NRS can’t take a little legitimate ribbing then they need to Read more

Jan 19

What’s with the random authoritarianism? No need for any specific punishment as such, why should the guy forfeit a round when nobody was insulted, threatened or otherwise harmed?

Jan 19

I honestly hope this becomes a meme and NRS gets shit for it for awhile haha

Jan 18

Huh, he was also Loki in Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob I guess it’s the Marvel Cinematic View Askewniverse now? I doubt even Patton Oswalt predicted that.

Jan 17

I think it’s a matter of mileage but I don’t think they are going for intentionally bad and more of a sincere homage.   Me and my wife, who is a huge old show watcher, were laughing at the silliness. 

Jan 13

I often feel terrible for the way the internet treated this very genuine and delightful theatre girl a few years back.

Jan 7

Haven’t watched this yet, but off the top of my head, how many great comedies had a promising pilot? The pilots for The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and Superstore were all met with mixed reviews, right?

Jan 7

Obviously not as great as 30 Rock or Kimmy Schmidt, but I thought it was really funny. I didn’t find the political stuff to be that poorly timed; Danson’s character is obviously the butt of a lot of the jokes. And I don’t think this show should be blamed for not anticipating an attempted coup.