Jul 5 2015

Who cares? My biggest pet peeve about C&C is that people can’t leave pretension and expectations at home. You’ve got people too anal to let people drink coffee near their cars and you have people that can’t understand that someone loves their barely-modified Focus enough that they might want to talk about it with Read more

Jun 4 2015

Sometimes you just need a 105mm gun strapped haphazardly into your aircraft:

May 25 2015

If you walk straight out that door and take a hard left, you’ll get back to Gawker.

May 18 2015

Paul Jones has asked the Pentagon Papers to please be returned. We don’t need GM’s permission to publish newsworthy information.

Oct 10 2014

As an Indian-American, I can say that hiring an Indian salesperson at a Toyota dealership is a stroke of genius. Indians (both naturalized and US-born) freaking love Toyota's. If you need proof, go to a Hindu Temple parking lot on a weekend. It's a sea of gold and beige Camry's and Corollas. Read more

Jul 21 2014

This is a BIG problem. I wrote about the securitization of these loans a few months ago (using a Jalopnik article as a source!) if anyone would like to read deeper into the issue.

Apr 11 2014

It will sell, in limited but important numbers. I will buy one (Spring of 2016) along with other Jalops who need space but hate SUVs, want a manual, like wagons, but will not spend 60 grand on a Bimmer wagon (which doesn't currently offer a manual).

Apr 5 2014

"I cannot confirm, nor deny that I personally placed that pinger down there. Back to the simulator. Martin?"

Apr 4 2014

Don't be silly. The RCMP didn't empty their clips, reload, empty their clips, reload, empty their clips, reload, and empty their clips only to find the vehicle they were shooting at in no way matched the description of the one they were after. The RCMP were after a green John Deere. LAPD would have spotted an Read more

Nov 22 2013

In life, buy things that appreciate and lease things that depreciate. Leasing means no maintenance costs on most German cars and predicted cash flows with no unexpected depreciation. Not to mention a fresh new driving experience every few years.

Dec 5 2008

Rhode Island (at least rural Rhode Island) is like some sort of weird exclave of northern Wisconsin.