Tim Farrell
Jan 6

It’s a single rotor, but doesn’t look that small:

Dec 8

That’s it. I think I am done reading Bradley’s posts.

Never thought about owning a Leaf. Now it makes sense.
Electric motorcycles seemed like toys more expensive than my ICE motorbikes.

Now I want a mothertrucking Slingshot?! What a jerk.

Dec 7

Sure a phone is good for quick stuff, but when my hands get disgusting and I spend all day on the car I would 100% rather have a paper book to turn through. My phone’s battery is shit and pulling it out when working on a car over a long period of time is a recipe for the phone to get nasty and probably dropped. I Read more

Dec 6

My 2007 F-150 is a manual 5 speed on the floor. Took me a year to find it. 2008 was the last year for a manual F-150 for the 4.2L V6. The last year for the V8 was 2003. Love my manual F-150. Replaced the failing stock exhaust with a cat back from Summit and now it sounds awesome when you push the fun pedal. Read more

Dec 2

No the biggest problem is there’s no big a** supercharged v8 in this one. I don’t want to pay deep into the 6 digits for an engine that’s even remotely related to an engine I can also get in an explorer. 

Nov 13

My fear is will it be applied as badly as it has been in CA and regulated, written by and administered, again like CA, by people that have no science and engineering background.

Oct 30

Are you planning to drive that thing to a port and ship it back or keep it in Europe as your vacation car? :)

Oct 26

I am baffled by the amount of questions/threads on car forums that could easily be answered by an OEM manual. Some OEMs are better than others in regard to R&R and system description, of course, but it’s generally worth tracking down an OEM manual for a project car of any kind. Unfortunately, most (all?) OEMs don’t Read more

Oct 2

I got one the other day and told him I had a 2019 Rolls Royce Wraith and about 60 other similar cars. He hung up. The calls for car warranty offers stopped for a bit, but I noticed an uptick in my Social Security number being “suspended for fraud” type calls. Read more

Oct 2

The best solution to this is to not answer any phone numbers you don’t know. 

Sep 29

Stay tuned. I’ve agreed to buy an electric-swapped Grom. It’s not a Zero, but it should be pretty quick. Allegedly it’s geared for 110. 

Sep 29

I clicked on this review because I wanted to see a picture of Bradley on the Grom. I’m leaving disappointed.

Sep 29

That radiator mishap sounds incredibly painful.  Bet you’ll be sure to wear a shirt while wrenching from now on.