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Methinks the satire on that topic here is lost on you. Read more

Reread this thread, wanted to distill a thought for clarity. I barfed a lot of features at you. Basically, the Integra A-Spec Tech 6MT hits the sweet spot offered *only* by the ‘20 Si. It’s the best year of the 10th gen Si by far. It gained many many features over the ‘19 for only $600 sticker price increase. Read more

I feel you. I love my ‘20 Si and I like that it’s bolstery cloth seats + just enough tech + dem dampers tho + aftermarket everything available for $26k. Read more

I have a ‘20 Si sedan. Bought it because it had all the features I wanted: manual transmission, LSD, adaptive dampers, active cruise with lane centering, Android Auto (which I’ve made wireless with an AAWireless box). The ‘20-’21 Type-R also had these features but doesn’t have my car’s sunroof & heated seats, which I Read more

I’ve been charitable up to this point and here’s where I stop. Everything you’ve said here is shitty, and I’ve extended you more than enough courtesy in the hopes that maybe you’d get it at some point. But you haven’t. Read more

I’m not a writer or editor at Jalopnik and me speculating about the answer to your question is not a productive use of my time. But generally speaking first openly LGBTQ+ person to do (insert activity here) type stories can and do happen at any time. Read more

I’m really not going to go down whatever rabbit hole this is you're trying to open up. LGBTQ+ representation is imperfect. More is better than less. I'm not sure what all this talk of pandering has to do with Travis Shumake.  Read more

To those of us who aren’t straight, it’s important to see ourselves represented in spaces that traditionally have been closed off to people like us. It is only from a position of privilege that one can wonder why this is a big deal. Not all of us have the luxury. Read more

I should’ve been more precise with my wording. 😜 Read more

“Not bad looking," you say? Did you not look at the front end? Read more

The difference is the S5 Sportback actually looks better than the S4. Which is very much not the case with the 4GC vs 3 sedan. The side and rear profiles of the 4GC are better than the coupe but the front is hideous. Read more

If they make a GR Corolla and give it all the fancy differentials from the GR Yaris Circuit Pack, I’ll be at the front of the line. Read more

This is a good point and I have no explanation for why Wrangler swing-out tailgates are hinged on the right. But I do know that Toyota swing-out tailgates are hinged on the right for RHD street parking. At least Mercedes puts the hinges on the left on the G-wagen.

The swing out tailgate opens the wrong way for street parking in LHD markets. This is because it was designed with the hinges mounted on the right side, so the door opens the correct way for street parking in RHD markets. Toyota couldn’t be arsed to re-engineer the door hinges over to the left side for LHD street Read more

Early Acuras were premium cars with unique mechanicals vs regular Hondas, that were badged as Hondas outside the US. The only early Acura model that full-on shared a platform with lesser Honda models was the Integra which was always based on the Civic. The Legend/RL and Vigor/TL were very distinct from lower models Read more

I’m saying this TLX has a unique platform which is completely distinct from Honda-badged products. It’s not an instance of Honda tweaking the Accord into an Acura, which, admittedly, has happened many times.
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I’ve owned a couple BMWs. I won’t buy any more. Acura build quality, reliability and resale value destroys BMW. If I were shopping this segment the TLX-S would be one of my contenders for sure, but I don’t want a 2+ ton sedan. Read more

The argument can be made for the NSX but being on this list, but really the only thing here that I have an objection to is the FJ. They’re selling at nearly the same prices as when new. Read more

Yeah, you lost all credibility with that thar prediction. Thanks for trying anyway though.  Read more

And here I thought maybe you had stumbled upon a fog lamp switch that properly conveys to clueless Americans that their European car is equipped with REAR fog lamp(s). Which I would be thrilled about because there’s always some clueless Mercedes or Audi driver tootling along in normal weather with their rear fog(s) Read more