My goddamn FedEx driver keeps not delivering packages and claiming I'm not home, when I WORK FROM HOME, so I'm escalating things passive-aggressively (UPDATED)

My wife and I have 3 cats, so we often order things like food and litter in bulk from, which is great, because as long as you spend $49 or more per order you get free FedEx shipping that often comes in 1 day. Except lately, our FedEx driver has been fucking with us.

I switched to cell phone service for old people and I love it (UPDATE: with a little visual voicemail difficulty)

A few months ago I said I was going to switch from Verizon prepaid to AT&T prepaid because Verizon deprioritizes prepaid customers’ data in congested areas. Well, I never actually got around to switching, until this week, when I didn’t switch to AT&T but instead to Consumer Cellular. Yes, the thing for old people.

These sub-$400 phones are the Goodfellas long take thru the kitchen entrance into flagship phone picture qualify

Let me tell you about me and phones. I care about a few basic things with them, mainly nice clean software and good picture quality. I don’t care about having a flagship phone, but until recently only flagship phones have offered excellent cameras. That’s still mostly the case, but here comes some good news!