Today I learned my hometown conveniently provides video evidence of traffic camera infractions

My town of Rockville, MD has loads of traffic cameras. I’ve noticed the camera at this intersection before. But...a couple weeks ago on a lazy Sunday evening drive to pick up pizza, I rolled through a right turn on red. I know, because today I got a citation in the mail with a link to see the video online. Thanks,…

My goddamn FedEx driver keeps not delivering packages and claiming I'm not home, when I WORK FROM HOME, so I'm escalating things passive-aggressively (UPDATED)

My wife and I have 3 cats, so we often order things like food and litter in bulk from, which is great, because as long as you spend $49 or more per order you get free FedEx shipping that often comes in 1 day. Except lately, our FedEx driver has been fucking with us.

I switched to cell phone service for old people and I love it (UPDATE: with a little visual voicemail difficulty)

A few months ago I said I was going to switch from Verizon prepaid to AT&T prepaid because Verizon deprioritizes prepaid customers’ data in congested areas. Well, I never actually got around to switching, until this week, when I didn’t switch to AT&T but instead to Consumer Cellular. Yes, the thing for old people.

These sub-$400 phones are the Goodfellas long take thru the kitchen entrance into flagship phone picture qualify

Let me tell you about me and phones. I care about a few basic things with them, mainly nice clean software and good picture quality. I don’t care about having a flagship phone, but until recently only flagship phones have offered excellent cameras. That’s still mostly the case, but here comes some good news!