Textured Soy Protein's totally arbitrary $600-or-less holiday 2018 unlocked Android smartphone buying guide! (UPDATED WITH EVEN MORE PRICE DROPS)

Hey, you, person shopping for a new phone this holiday season but after Black Friday and Cyber Monday! I know about phones, especially unlocked ones! I pay too much attention to them even though both I and my wife have perfectly good phones we don’t plan to replace anytime soon. My OCD is your gain!

There are now high-quality DAC dongles so you can replace your headphone-jack-less phone's headphone jack dongle with a better dongle to dongle while you dongle

My Essential PH-1 has no headphone jack. While this is less than ideal, it doesn’t bother me much, because I don’t use wired headphones that often. At worst, it’s a minor inconvenience on the rare occasion where I might want/need to plug in to some kind of audio system, but I don’t have the dongle with me. But now,…