Jan 9 2017

Ok so here is the deal. There are two kinds of movies that have cars that are living in them. 1. There are also people in the movies that use the cars and 2. There are not people that use the cars. The vehicles are the people.

In the first option you need a windscreen so that the people inside can see out. In the Read more

Oct 10 2016

I’m glad it’s leaving Crackle... Crackle setup sucks !

Sep 18 2016

Of course you don’t. You’re a white male who only notices skin color when it doesn’t benefit you or when you’re opining about it not mattering. Read more

Sep 18 2016

Sorry I really don’t see the problem with this.... If there is an issue can someone please explain it to me.

Sep 10 2016

Did you get PTSD? The NY Times might be interested in doing a story on it...

Aug 31 2016

You’re making the assumption that every cord cutter absolutely must subscribe to every available service that’s not cable TV. False assumption.