A few days ago in 1956, construction began on what became the starting point of modern America: the Interstate


Also, let’s be clear here. This is a Weiner:

Anyone who actually has an issue with this needs to take a deep breath and contemplate their priorities in life. Read more

I have seen wolves out paddling and camping in Northern Ontario and they have always been very timid and disinterested in humans. The further away you get from people, the less interested with engagement they seem. I see more of their tracks and scat then the wolves themselves. Read more

Lol, no, this woman is full of shit. There's no way in hell this actually happened. Read more

I guess I’ll be that person here and admit that this sounds like a tall tale to me. Read more

I’m still so blown away by the Expanse’s first season. Such damn good tv and storytelling. Probably the best new Sci-fi show I’ve picked up in a while that I wasn’t already familiar with. But I’m absolutely loving the other shows Syfy has put together lately. Great tv all around. Read more

I feel so #blessed to have read this rn.
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I am as narcissistic as I am passionate; I must recognize my own importance, and let it devastate me. What can I do but go on? Read more

This is about butt stuff right Read more

Zero fucks to give Obama is the best Obama. Going to miss him so much.

Joe Biden makes this gif perfect. You know that’s how he’d react...
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Probably the least exciting thing announced so far. The mod support is nice, but meh. I’d be really amazed at a Morrowind or even Oblivion port/remaster with mod support. Read more

Truly heartbreaking. I have no words for how awful I feel for the girl. She’s very, very, very damaged from her experiences, and I hope she gets help. Her parents seem like they’re decent people and I hope she finds a way to be okay.
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So, she totally rebuffed his flirting and he’s taking his hurt fee-fees to the media, right? Read more

If you think you can “game” online rating systems better than MRAs, trolls, and neckbeards... you’re probably wrong.
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The obvious solution is for all us bitches to start down-voting the piss-poor movies that don’t pass the Bechdel test(yes, all those ones you didn’t rate but watched on HBO because whatever you’re paying for it anyway, might as well or because your s/o wanted to watch it or your brother or whatever who cares). Let’s Read more