Tee Fucking Hee
Jan 14

I am very skeptical. I have a lot of years riding motorcycles, and almost as many in custom metal fabrication. This looks more like a college kid’s industrial design project than something really well thought out from a manufacturing point of view. In other words, designed to look cool rather than be functional. Read more

Jan 14

I use torque on an old phone, but I think I would like to migrate to an Ultragauge or scangauge to clean it up a little.

Jan 14

When will it be available? it seemed like the article cut off halfway through

Jan 13

I love the grammar in the description ... “and provides a green comfortable power source for your outdoor activities. Allowing you to release yourself during camping, outdoor adventures and RV trips with confidence. Read more

I love the grammar in the description ... “and provides a green comfortable power source for your outdoor

Jan 12

You can count me towards the .01% of readers that found this interesting.

Dec 30

I love how a girlfriend’s highly specific and unprompted statement, corroborated by a lawyer who also represented the alleged bomb builder, that the guy was building bombs in an identified location is seen as insufficient for a warrant to search said location, but... Read more

Dec 30

One day I was gassing up the car in the ‘Hood and was hearing what sounded like someone hitting a dumpster with a hammer. Finally located sound and it was a rusted out old Caprice that shivered like a dog passing a peach pit every time the sound hit. 

Dec 30

You have not lived if, while waiting at a stoplight with a hangover and mildly murderous intent, you have not seen the rear windshield of a 15 year-old Subaru disintegrate and fall into the hatch after an onslaught of bass. It is one of the few occasions in life where schadenfreude truly is life-affirming. Still Read more

Dec 28

I worked in the commercial production business for 35 years and I can offer up two observations for free; Jeep/FCA had nothing to do with this except write a check and probably approve the final. Also, the advertising agency (DDB) and the production company, who were actually responsible for this project, could give a Read more

Dec 28

I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. I myself would probably not be willy to do that paperwork, though Loren tells me it’s not that hard.

Dec 28

Motherfucker, PLEASE. The book isn’t anti-autonomous cars at all. I fucking WISH writing anti-Tesla articles made one tiny bit of difference on book sales. It doesn’t. And I’m not anti-Tesla. But if this is your reaction to this story, perhaps you should seek out your clergyperson or a trusted relative. Maybe a Read more