Nov 9 2018

I imagine that was what the email was for. Reminding them to use landscape.

Nov 7 2018

I would have immediately drank the entire mini-bottle of gin and responded with “I’m going to need more than one mini-bottle if you expect me to make it through this flight.”

Oct 26 2018

I’m 20, just dropped out of St. John’s University, have a chinstrap beard, wear embellished jeans with Air Jordans, and the IT consulting firm that my Russian-born parents founded just scored a huge contract with the City. What car should i buy?”

Oct 23 2018

Incorrect language use. You wouldn’t allow that testimony to be entered into evidence. Something doesn’t get “into” testimony.

Source: I’m also a lawyer.

Oct 23 2018

I was the passenger! I’m not that coordinated to quickly snap pictures with my phone while driving.

Oct 23 2018

To me tailgating in heavy, slow moving traffic is the only acceptable tailgating. It’s a defensive measure to keep the lane skippers from jumping in front of you.  Once the traffic opens up and you get closer to the speed limit, the 2-3 second rule should once more apply. 

Oct 11 2018

Keep the Ford and use the 10k to buy a commuter car for the job you’re going to take to keep the farm away from the sheriff’s sale.

Oct 10 2018

Ford and Chevy’s front ends come together like Voltron to form a perfect advertisement for the Ram.

Oct 2 2018

You are going to be so embarrassed when you figure it out.

Sep 27 2018

These guys may be the only team defeated by the Magic all year.