That belt didnt stand a chance. Pound for pound Sandovals belt has the most pressure on it in sports. Read more

Elway still finding ways to get players to come to Denver and “buy in” to Denvers win now mentality even after Peyton is gone. Imagine that. Read more

Its a article about Dwight Howard so you are right its a bunch of talk about nothing Read more

Ill be honest I was gonna talk shit but saw u were a Chiefs “guy” so things are bad enough for u. I imagine u a tubby andy reid look a life but mustard in your mustache instead of bacon bits. Btw I dont give a shit about trump or politics Read more

U serious? Elway drafted Miller, Wolfe, M Jackson, Ray, Roby, Shaq and Sly just on defense since he took over the team. CJ and Harris were undrafted. He also drafted Brock so he built a team thru both the draft and free agency. Haters gonna hate Read more

When this dickhead puts his mind to something Read more

He likes Superman and I like Superwoman so thats my reason to hate. Read more

Maxwell was traded to Miami for the practice squad players that kept picking off Tannehill and got lil Ryan all mouthy. What is Miami thinking. Niko Grimes dont like this shit Read more

He really didnt want to get out. He starts pulling a Marshawn and smirks and smiles all while ignoring some cop. Tre sounds like a Raider if I ever heard one Read more

He took those sacks cuz he is young and its his first stint starting. Coaches told him not to make a mistake or force a bad pass or passes like he made during the second half of the Steelers game. Osweiler took sacks where Manning threw picks this year. I want Brock to resign and I think hes a great fit for Kubiaks Read more

Broncos fans disagree. A diva Marshalls mouth got Darrent Williams killed Read more

Some people have all the luck is what Jared from Subway is saying right now Read more

No way Kovalev is scared of Stevenson. Adonis has avoided him and even Bhop since Adonis won the title. Unify the titles but Adonis wouldn’t make it 12 rounds with Krusher Read more

Kobes play has more people wanna gag lately Read more

Im totally with the ref I cant make it thru a whole soccer game either Read more

Or a fan of one of the many guys he has buried Read more

Wheres the RKO thru a table on fire? Man I miss Bills fan Read more

Fuck yeah its starting early. Its gonna be a beautiful shitstorm in Buffalo Read more

Sasha Banks will be there so im in but the product is terrible and nothing I see lately will change that. Less Roman and more Kevin Owens. Turn Ambrose or Reigns heel or something to shake it up cuz they have talent like Styles and the bullet club along with Sami Zayn and Finn Balor to use and guys like Rollins, Read more