Apr 30 2015

No one has mentioned the outrageous lag and snap oversteer of the Porsche 930 Turbo??? The biggest killer of yuppies in the late 70’s and early 80’s!

Apr 27 2015

The Chevy Vega. It was a really nice looking design that was ruined in the usual GM fashion (back then): During implementation. It had an aluminum block - that was prone to overheating and burning lots and lots of oil. It had very, very attractive body lines - too bad those shitty panels began rusting immediately

Apr 21 2015

Alfas aren’t charming when it takes you two years to get your car in suitable shape to drive to the fucking Taco Bell.

Jan 15 2015

My MR2 with a built-in Keurig so I can brew fresh coffee while I'm stuck in traffic.

Dec 8 2014

Art of Racing in the Rain should be on every one of these lists. Always.

Dec 2 2014

There will only be one car on the roads in 100 years, a red Barchetta.

Nov 25 2014

But in all seriousness I vote for the 911. Great car front start to now! a winning combo right out the gate!

Feb 5 2014

It's the WRX. And I happen to fucking hate the WRX.

Dec 30 2013

Nah. Too easy. I like the challenge of trying to get away with it. I also enjoy putting the public at risk by driving around with an expired registration tag.

Dec 29 2013

Meanwhile, the other skier Michael cut off is in good shape to, and is expected to make a full recovery.