4:57 AM

Oh, I'm so sorry! There ain't no love like beagle love. I'm sorry Walligator has lost his buddy, and hope he, and you, are doing okay.❤️❤️❤️

8:53 PM

We said goodbye to Mr. Max a few months ago. I haven’t been around here much, so didn’t make a post about it. He was the sweetest little dog I’ve ever had, and his little bed is still in the floor next to my desk. Max was just a few weeks shy of his 17th birthday, and although his decline was steady, he was still

8:45 PM

I am flummoxed at what a pretty boy Mr. Toomey was. I'm sorry you both had to go through everything you went through there at the end, but I'm glad he had such a loving home in his final year.

11:24 PM

I’m so sorry, Gina. You’re right, it never gets any easier. We lost our little Max recently, and even though I knew it was coming, it didn’t hurt any less. I’m sorry you lost Sadie at a relatively young age, but I’m glad to hear you were able to catch her illness before she suffered any. Hugs to you and yours—be Read more

10:05 AM

I haven’t been around GT much, so I don’t know when the option to star a post disappeared, but I wish I could star this a million times. Kids have meltdowns. Toddlers DON’T have empathy. People are allowed to exist in public with their kids. When you see a kid throwing tantrum in the doorway of Target, you don’t know Read more

4:30 PM

Most toddlers don’t have much empathy, and I agree this is *mostly*normal behavior. Also agree with this who've pointed out this sort if behavior is extremely common with neuro-atypical toddlers. 

4:40 PM

You are not terrible, and if you’re vet makes you feel that you are, I might suggest finding a new vet. Throwing a ton of money at an illness or an injury in a senior pet to extend their life at the detriment of their happiness is not a kindness. I DO however agree with Fluter’s comment above—if you explain your top Read more

9:50 AM

I’ll second the rec for DE. Sadly, our ant problem was beyond fixing this year, but I’ve had luck with DE in summers past. Sprinkle on windowsills and doorways.

11:28 AM

Mr Max is officially in his twilight stage. Here he is before and after last week’s haircut, doing what he does all day: sleep in his nest of blankies. His coordination is starting to slip, he’s developed a cataract, and some days he doesn’t have the energy to get out of bed much at all...but he still makes it to the

2:38 PM

Maybe just start writing out your ideas, without the intent of “writing” them. Like, just start putting thoughts on paper (or screen) in no scene order, and see where it takes you. Read more