Jan 15

Maybe someday you’ll have a house with a disused swimming pool, and a crane... just back up the tanker truck and fill it with a few feet of PB Blaster and every time you get a new project car, dip it about halfway to the door handles.* Read more

Jan 14

I can unequivocally say, this is my next car. It launches right around the time I’ll make the last payment for my current car. Jalops, please buy these with a manual and show Nissan it wasn’t all for nothing. This may very well be the last affordable, manual dedicated sports car.

Jan 13

“News articles from the past five years depicting the plight of the down-and-out Southerner with no recourse but Trump are bullshit. They’re enjoying this. It’s the day they’ve been waiting for.” Read more

Dec 19

Funky Swiss dude, IIRC. His vehicles, though weird, were always super out there and awesome to look at. Really out of this world stuff.

Dec 16

I’m no designer, but to me the Commendatore was always the absolute perfect shape for a hypercar. Smooth and sensuous, but also completely, brutally functional. I feel like Koenigsegg is the only one that’s come close nowadays to the aesthetic with the smooth shape of the Regera with its retractable wing.

Dec 12

I can’t even say anything bad about this person. All I see is a really sad statement on what it’s like to be poor in America, trying to get by, and sinking deeper and deeper as each problem leads to another problem. Read more

Nov 19

Liking cars does not mean you have to like vaguely racist, quite imperialist ‘entertainment’ that has not evolved in any way since 2005 or so.