Aug 11

soooo let’s talk about the DC Comics editorial bloodbath. I hope all of the Snyder cult is happy that AT&T doled out $30 M to make Superman’s costume black and not keep the women and men who have been working on these heroes for years. 

Aug 10

Seriously, this is the Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman guy. What motivates anybody to imagine his cut would be any better than the theatrical version ... or even AS good?

Aug 10

The world will soon know for certain if Zack Snyder is a superior creator, or if (as his filmography spanning two decades suggests) he is a one-note hack who consistently misunderstands the source material he’s adapting.

Jul 23

But it will surely go back once we have the working vaccine and theaters can re-open. I will go see Marvel movie, even a bad one like Thor Dark World, in a heartbeat once those goals are met.

Jul 19

Maybe banthas have ineffective digestive systems. On first pass, they don’t digest all the nutrients available in their food. Coprophagia and rumination are real things in real-world animals, and it’s possible banthas need to do it too, but never evolved the rumen and supporting systems. Read more

Jul 10

If they’re supposed to be the Challengers of the Unknown, then they predate the FF. Kirby modeled the FF (1961) after the Challengers (1957) when he moved to Marvel. The first time he left DC for Marvel, not the second time.

Jul 10

More likely a reference to DC’s Challengers of the Unknown, which predates the FF by 4 years, and which Lee and Kirby admittedly copied.

Jul 8

By that argument, what was the the original Empire’s motivations, beyond imperialism? Sure the EU went into how racist they were, but I don’t recall any of that being explicitly mentioned in the original trilogy.

Jul 8

I wish they would’ve fleshed them out better, too, but motivation-wise, it’s pretty much the same as the nazis, right? “We’re butthurt that our former power structure lost and we want revenge”.

One thing that would’ve been nice would have been, like, three throwaway lines about why everything looked the same as it did Read more

Jul 8

I mean, they’re basically that universe’s version of Neo-Nazis, and those people actually exist in real life and don’t have much motivations beyond “evil because evil.

Jul 8

In 2015, I also thought it was silly that the villains were alt. right dudes/neo-nazis trying to revive a long-dormant, evil movement. Read more

Jul 8

Then again, I wish they had flushed out Kylo Ren’s reasons for turning on everything his family stood for beyond daddy issues and “God, my uncle is such a dick. God!” Read more

Jul 2

I am tickled beyond measure at the Babies Yoda usage in the headline. How long did y’all hash that one out before going with it? It’s both correct and oddly dissonant at the same time. Perfection.

Jun 25

This is rehashed every time the game is brought up I know but man I really wish there was a third person option for this. I have the same issue with stealth in first person and in general, have an easier time with perception in 3rd. I absolutely love everything I’m seeing about this, and if it even hits 1/100th of the Read more