Sep 10
Mushroom Farm Update

The first round failed. I didn’t get all of the air out of the bags, so we ended up with stunted mushies. They were

Jun 30

This week my 9yo son decided he wants to do nothing other than grow some mushrooms. I’m not sure where it came from.

Feb 23
New Car!

We’ve been shopping for a new DD for my wife for months. Last week a manual Corolla showed up locally. Price was

Jan 10

So my wife’s old Kia had the blower motor stop working recently. It was intermittent and then died. I can’t hear or

Jan 5

My wife is thinking about going all in as an electrician apprentice. She will need something reliable good on gas

Dec 25
Strange Box

My wife got me this strange box and some liquor for Xmas. Trying to open it now, but it doesn’t seem to want to do

Dec 2

I thought I had an original idea, but once again I have not. On the bright side I now have 37 hockey pucks and the

Oct 31

We've only had two groups so far, and it's almost 8. That is definitely down from previous years.

Oct 31

I own this domain. I have hosting resources. I would be happy to do what I can to keep the kinjaverse going.

Oct 1

My wife came home from the Halloween store with a few plastic skulls. They are of good quality, thick plastic and

Sep 7 2019

My son went around the block to ask for an egg from one of his friends. Her mom thought he said “I need a ride”. So