Aug 2

Whats funny is that he’s Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter movies.

Aug 1

Any of the new Star Wars novels I’ve read have been maddeningly coy to the point of making themselves redundant - the Aftermath books tied themselves in knots to avoid revealing what Luke and co. were up to after ROTJ, and all the big, galactic politicking and strategy you’d figure would be the point of a ‘Fall of the Read more

Jul 28

So they just fired into a car with a passenger? They shouldn’t have been shooting at all, but that is a fucked up way to “protect” the woman they said they were there to help.

Jul 28

Emergency calls are identifiable and easily traceable. The caller who falsely reported this needs to be charged with SOMEthing. Read more

Jul 28

the first time I became aware of this problem was with the PS3. I could have a fully charged controller but if I didn’t use it for a week or so I’d come back to it and find the battery dead. this is the main problem with modern tech is the hardware is constantly trying to pull a charge from the battery even when the Read more

Jul 24

If you think Gizmodo should ignore all the shit going on in the world and just stick to aliens, you should probably find a new website to read.

Jul 23

I just do not agree with this talking point about the art style trying to hearken back to the original look of Halo CE. Back then, these visuals were considered gritty realism, and the art direction intentionally inspired our imaginations to fill in the blanks. Just because there are bright greens and purples does not

Jul 23

As you might’ve seen on Twitter today, some fans were less than enthused with Halo Infinite’s visuals. A few posted side-by-side shots comparing screenshots from today’s video (a preview broadcast over the web) to screenshots from Halo 2 and 3 (completed, fully polished games). Maybe you’ve seen a selectively chosen Read more

Jul 23

AMD was almost bankrupt and bet it all on the new designs, now they are hungry and looking for flesh and blood. Intel is a big fat cat that has sat on their ass with monopolistic practices across the board, just sucking on a fat steam of income with no interest in innovation.

Jul 23

If we were transported back in time to the Xbox One reveal and they showed Infinite instead of Guardians, we would still shrug.

Jul 23

It’s practically impressive how boring Microsoft’s output is. Halo Infinite could have been marketed as a remake of Halo: CE and I wouldn’t bat an eye. “It’s a new Xbox, so you get a new Halo and you’ll LIKE it, even if it doesn’t look even half as fun as every other modern FPS on the market!” Read more