Redd, the RX-7 that could

I will be driving that next week! Jalopnik Review coming shortly after. Read more

Gattaca is amazing and absolutely should be here. Read more

“One passenger, who was distressed by what he saw, told the Star Tribune that Hines was naked from the waist down when she was removed from the plane and that emergency workers should have covered her up” Read more

Are you serious? No one can win anymore. They’re trying to help a clearly mentally disturbed person who has no idea what’s going on. She NEEDS help but doesn’t know it, she’s combative. They have to get her out of the plane if there is any hope of helping her. Sometimes decisions have to be made. Do people honestly Read more

Or Miatas because they’re FWD Read more

One day when (if?) they unveil this thing at an auto show, we’ll do a Jalopnik Video that’s just me and Raph weeping in front of it for a straight hour. Read more

And now he’s going to be disqualified for having the runs.
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So what you’re saying is that all four Jalopnik editors told you to Chevette?
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The 2002 Kings Lakers series was 100% rigged by the NBA. I don’t care what anyone says. Read more

Plus this one:

You may want to thank Mr. Erdogan.
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Harris didn’t need Top Gear... Top Gear needed Harris. Read more

It’s all fun and games until the swelling cuts off your air supply, or fluid build up drowns you in your own mucus. Read more

Regera? More like Regreta...amiright? Read more

In some circumstances southern California will do. Read more

$kay is AWOL so....