Redd, the RX-7 that could

If you think he’s doing it for the glory you’re crazy. Climbing is exhilarating, and free soloing humbles you while making you feel more alive than any sex or drug ever could. During moments of fear you become keenly aware of how insignificant you are, and you don’t give a shit about how people will remember you, it’s Read more

How many banana peppers can you fit in the main cupholders? Asking for a friend of course. Read more

Sooo I get that this is somewhat satirical, but I would not exactly want to be friendly with someone who makes sweeping generalizations about me based solely on what I like, wear, or sound like. Maybe you think they’re racist, when really they just think you’re a prejudiced asshole. Read more

Agreed, there’s a reason it’s in all caps on my “really good movies” list. Read more

She died shortly after they took her off, so maybe they cared more saving her life than saving face. And if I were her, I would much rather be pantsless and alive. Read more

If you agree, its 5 out of 13, because you’re adding to the sample size. Read more

A RABBIT dies, at Chicago, O’HARE?

“hanged in his cell by by corrections officers” hmmm seems like a homicide to me.... Read more

Saying that the debate is over is meaningless. And who are you to make that decision? Please check your privilege, there are plenty of trans people out there who are still being oppressed by people with opposing views and good arguments on the topic, so the debate is far from over. Just because you want the war to be Read more

I know right? it’s like they actually want to explore space and shit, the fuckin nerds. Read more

There is some serious group think going on around here. Read more

One day you’ll see the light. Read more

Like what? Unless you are referring to events that are known to have taken place, it’s all in your head. Read more

So this is what goes on at Jezebel... Read more

She has a point though, if you look at the video closely(fullscreen) you’ll see that the suspect has his right arm restrained by his teammates. He pulls vigorously to break free, his arm shoots forward and up near his own helmet, then he brings his arm back down, at which point it strikes the ref. Hard to call, but if Read more

You’re forgetting that traffic laws don’t apply to cyclists. Read more

If this pans out, I’m really going to start questioning reality. A Jason idea exists only in the land where 1st place ribbons are red, and all sloths have eels for arms. Read more

Oh my, you better hope jezebel doesn’t come across this thread. Read more