Question, would it be fiscally responsible to design a building using tax dollars to withstand an event that may never happen again and not be able to fully rebuild? Or use those dollars to rebuild exactly was was lost (at less cost than the alternative 100-500 year design spec) with the possibility it may happen Read more

One of the more interesting things about this story is one you only touched on. KHOU’s station was flooding and the staff had to move upstairs to continue broadcasting. However, the entire station soon lost the ability to send anything out to the transmitter and the station told Brandi that “she was it, you’re all we Read more

Because it’s probably not an unfair stereotype to think that a guy who chases storms maybe doesn’t always make good risk/reward assessments? Read more

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they really got hammered.... hope everyone over there survived

You read about a particular car on the internet or in a magazine, and you have enough throw-away money that you can get anything, so you tell the thieves, “I don’t want one just like it. I want THAT one.” Read more

Something about the shape, paint texture and lack of fine detail makes the Bus look like a bad CGI render, even though it’s real. Very weird. Read more

I agree, this is just too dumb to be true. Plus no picture of the car. Something stinks. Read more

This is some sort of insurance scam, right? Its gotta be, nobody is that stupid. What, did he wreck the car himself in a race or something insurance didn’t cover and needs a payout so is reporting it stolen? Or even sold it to be parted out and then reports it gone?
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The Smart car was making a u-turn, and trying to stay in the left most lane, however like most median u-turn (gaining more favor from the highway departments because they are supposedly more safe than having people make left turns from a center turn lane) you have to go to at least the 2nd lane because your car can’t Read more

Did you watch the same video I did? If he would have made the turn legally he would have been even more in the way than he already was. Read more

Fighting rust is like fighting a war. Read more

My guess is that HOA’s for the super rich tend to not stand in the way. They probably charge him astronomical fees that the middle-class folk would scoff at, but he pays without even reading the bill. Read more

I’m aghast and/or agog at the craptacular parking attempt. Shall we assume he was trying to hit the space that we can see at the left side of the pic?

hey.... i had one of those when i was little... it had 9 gears a special snow setting and the ability to hashtag way before it was cool

So even rich people use the “it got mailed to the wrong address excuse,” as if that nullifies their obligation. Love it. I hope the parking space rent is very high. Read more

Find me a better way to use a Trailblazer besides doing “sweet jumps” off of it, and I’ll cut you an insurance fraud based check! Read more

I came here to say.. I bet that Chaser is smaller than the current gen Civic.

Star for you sir. Read more

It would have been even better still if British Leyland hadn’t fitted it with the mildest state of tune for the Rover (nee Buick) 3.5 v8. 138bhp. Ken Costello was building 180 bhp MGB Gt V8's before BL brought them in house (he even built the production prototype for BL too). Read more

What Roomba should concentrate on is making affordable cleaners. They are like shaving blades or ink cartridges in that their pricing makes no sense. You can get a nice pad or a laptop computer for cheaper than a Roomba, the economics of it don’t make sense. I realize they are vastly different devices but as far as Read more