12:25 PM

I agree with AnotherCrushedSmartPhone, this is not your problem in any way, shape or form. Do yourself a huge favor and ignore this person while you move on with your life.

12:17 PM

Sounds cold, but it’s not your problem to solve. You can be sympathetic but you have all my support to not drive her, or find another way for her to make the job work, or find a lawyer who specializes in DUI, etc. All those things friends and family will try to get you to do because it was convenient for them to have Read more

12:11 PM

Ugh, it never rains but it pours. I’m dealing with the nickeled and dimed version of this: within the last two months my laptop, phone, front door lock, and fridge are giving me problems. Sure glad it’s not dog anal glands, roofing, and heating.

12:08 PM

It’s fucking weird. This morning, I was like, “Well, I guess I’ll start some laundry while I watch Democracy get its lights turned out.” Read more

11:57 AM

In that case, I can understand the low turnout if nothing is really on the line today. This is why I hate how the primary season is dragged out so much. PA pretty much never has a say when it comes to presidential nominees. It always seems like it's settled by the time PA votes. 

11:53 AM

Grocery stores, malls, schools, planes.- everywhere. My kids are millennials. For my first maternity stay I was given the option of a smoking or non smoking hospital room. In the 80s, my high school had an outdoor smoking area for the students with benches, ashtrays and flower gardens. 

11:40 AM

So I continued to live with and support my ex. First, to see if she could get disability. The hearing took forever. She was denied Second, to give her time to get a job. I was fucking miserable, but wanted to make sure she could take care of herself. Whelp, she got a job that requires lots of driving, but pays good Read more

11:27 AM

It’s so funny to think about how absolutely normalized smoking was not too long ago - my mom said people used to smoke in grocery stores, which is so wild to think about! (Though I do remember when every restaurant had a smoking section, so I guess not too weird...)

11:18 AM

I voted around 7:45, there was no line, and I was about voter #3. As the guy was paging through the book, looking for my name/signature there also weren’t a lot of blocked out spaces indicating people voted by mail. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad for the Democrats. Read more

10:51 AM

It does. Our primary was originally scheduled for April, but got moved due to the virus. And, since I’m in Trump county, the majority of ads have had a lovely flavor of racism. The ones I shake my head at the most are people running for state office vowing to “make China pay”. I’m like ? How do you propose to do that? Read more

10:44 AM

Does your late primary mean that you’ve been subjected to political ads for the entire shelter at home period? I really hope that’s not the case. Read more

10:38 AM

You triggered a funny memory. I lived in Europe in the 1980s and the elevators had ash trays and people smoked in them. When I watched “Mad Men” people would put out their cigarettes before boarding the elevators and I wondered why, since the series took place in the 1960s, the high-water mark for cigarette Read more

10:37 AM

It’s Primary day in PA. Unfortunately, I live in a heavy republican area. So republican that at my polling place, there wasn’t even a single *sign* for a democrat candidate. Read more

10:30 AM

My gut tells me you’re right on the money regarding her lack of mask. I’m sorry you started the day having to deal with her. You were extremely polite. Like, that statement could be a template for how to handle situations with maskless people. I hope the rest of the day is easier!

10:13 AM

I’m tired of people appropriating shit that’s not theirs. From my coworker trying to use the protests to get time off of work, to the lady this morning in my office building who got super mad at me. I got in the elevator. A woman walked in, wearing a very nice dress and going to her office job in a highrise, and no Read more

9:48 AM

Bearddamnheroes’ company is based in DC and I was just overhearing his morning meeting where people were talking about what’s going on down there. One of them was at the protests at the White House last night and he was saying that the only violence and chaos he witnessed was incited by the police. It was peaceful Read more