Tabby Gevinson
Feb 4 2020

Not that I’m a Buttigieg supporter, but if the choice was between Biden and Buttigieg, I’d choose Buttigieg. He’s a bit unformed and can be molded and pressured.  Biden is just a dinosaur 40 years past his prime.  Buttigieg strikes me as not an ideologue as much as someone thinking of a tactic he thinks will help him Read more

Oct 31 2019

There are coaches whose sole purpose are instructing their men on how to most effectively grip their ball so they can more easily slip it to their best friend who is crouched and ready to receive his friend’s balls with great enthusiasm. Read more

Oct 15 2019

Imagine having a sad enough life that seeing Landry Jones several years after being semi-relevant is a draw for you.

Oct 10 2019

Did his dad abandon them in October? That would explain a lot.

Oct 6 2019

I think he misunderstood when the NFL said they were going to table the discussion on concussions.

Sep 26 2019

Antonio Brown is done like disco, there’s no assumption about it. The Raiders threw $50 million at him for 3 years of service, and before he EVEN SUITED UP FOR GAME 1, he shit all over the place in a ploy to get released. If we can’t throw money at you to play ball, we’re pumping out college recruits annually who Read more

Sep 25 2019

Generally agreed, and it would be nice if people in the media actually used word like lie and liar about Trump. But I think gaslighting works well here because it’s a more specific, more elaborate thing. When my wife asks me if I actually ate sixteen oreos for breakfast and I deny it, that’s a lie. But if I were to Read more

Sep 25 2019

But snitching is demonstrably a terrible activity that tears communities apart, fosters mistrust and paranoia, and grants greater power to authorities who enforce unjust laws. There’s a real hypocrisy in exposing criminality in the lower echelons of society while refusing to do anything about the mega-crooks who contro Read more

Sep 23 2019

The Daily Wire has become increasingly rabid. It always employed a bunch of racists and promoted racist narratives and ideologies, it’s the personal ego-fluffer of Ben Shapiro and that’s pretty much his brand, but lately I’ve noticed a lot more “Daily Wire writer does/says horrific thing” stories. It really needs to Read more

Aug 16 2019

Why is the President going to the maternity ward at a Pittsburgh hospital?

Aug 15 2019

Ends in 0-0 tie due to incompetence and to block the Titans from making the playoffs

May 16 2019

Can’t tell you how many text messages I exchanged with friends seriously worrying about the health of a person I have never met and will likely never meet. Read more