May 12

You know what I like about AllRecipe - it gives you the recipe. I don’t have to scroll for 3 days past a novella about how the recipe changed your families life, made you the hero of every social function ever, and retroactively won World War I. Just give me the bloody recipe (or give it first, then write your magnum Read more

Aug 19 2019

Confederate statues - “We need them! We need them as...uh...a constant reminder that slavery is bad! So we can learn from history or something!” Read more

May 14 2019

I’m not saying the jury was wrong here, but it’s pretty easy to Google the harm vaccines do, the efficacy of homeopathy, and the existence of the Loch Ness monster, too.

Apr 12 2019

Yes shallots! I use them all the time now. I tell people they are what make fancy food taste fancy! Read more

Apr 3 2019

This line sounds better if you read it sarcastically at the end. Or put quotations around “thinks”

Mar 29 2019

When I lived in Bozeman, Montana, glass wasn’t collected for recycling in the traditional manner. It would have taken far more energy to truck it all to a glass recycling facility than made sense. Instead, annually (or maybe semi-annually) a specialty operation would come to town and grind all of the collected glass Read more

Mar 29 2019

“Just curious, what the heck does the guy want the restaurant to do?”

Reimburse the money.
Replace the order.

“They made a mistake.”

And they blamed the customer. 

“Suck it up and stop whining about a petty fast food mistake.”

Fuck yourself.  How about that? 

Mar 1 2019

Counter-counter-counterpoint: British chutneys and piccalillis are the perfect midpoint between nothing and pickle, especially - emphatically - with bacon, egg and cheese.  

Feb 28 2019

I keep a bottle of the yellow stuff on hand for bbq sauces. I swear they just don’t taste right without it, though that might be nostalgia for my mom’s bbq beans speaking.

Feb 27 2019

First link (which you posted twice): incorrect stats due to calculation error. “The SAPS responded by admitting that it did use the incorrect population figures, but stressed that it did not change the actual crime stats (number of crimes) recorded, only the rates.”

Second link (which you for some reason also posted twi Read more

Feb 13 2019

Iodized salt does have a very distinct flavor that many people, myself included, don’t care for. I’ll take sea salt, or kosher salt, or any “fancy” salt over iodized salt any day based on taste alone. Read more

Feb 4 2019

This is cool. Archila risked being harassed by a bunch of MAGA dumbasses to confront Flake. While it ultimately didn’t help (by no fault of her own) she probably did more to advance awareness about sexual assault that Jeff Flake has ever done for any cause, ever. Unless that cause is “being another Very Concerned brow- Read more

Feb 4 2019

Dr. Ford told the truth. She was credible. Brett Kavanaugh lied. We all saw it. Decent people should never ever let Brett and his supporters forget it. No decent person should rest until he is removed from the court. Read more