Today 4:09PM

Wait for the game to go on sale at the eShop. The gold edition goes for $20 regularly.

Today 3:26PM


Not sure what the point of this rant is. Patricia was one of the most progressive writers on Kotaku and she continued that style at Polygon.

Yesterday 7:21PM

I need more of these games.  Mario is great, but at some point you still get tired of Mario this and Mario that.

Yesterday 3:06PM

OhhhEmmmGee!!!1! @sxp151 I use to rehash all your leaks in my vids when I got started. We should totally do a pre-E4 collab. With both of our uncles at Nintendo we would finally be able to get the fans all the info they want! #leaks #blessed #trustMySource #octothorp

Thursday 11:09PM

Given continuing console supply issues, there's all kinds of games we're skipping right now.

Thursday 10:25PM

Remember a while back when somebody at Bioware said if story scenes were skippable then why not let players skip combat scenes? That is a perfectly reasonable point to make and of course the “you have to play games the way I tell you to” force showed up and harassed her endlessly. Read more

Thursday 9:00PM

I applaud this as a first step towards something I’ve evangelized for some time: completely skippable combat sections. 

Thursday 8:13PM

You will be rewarded for defeating them, but gone are the days where they stood in between you and the rest of the game. Read more

Thursday 10:21AM

Well we’re talking about ports, so the PC text era is out, as well as possibly most of the VGA era? Read more

Wednesday 10:44PM

People often forget the awful, terrible PC port of Resident Evil 4, so bad that they had to release it on PC all over again under a different SKU years later.

Wednesday 5:57PM

THANK YOU. As a woman in academia, I see this kind of shit all the time. A man does it, he’s briliant. A woman does it, she’s snotty or smarmy or faux intellectual or too big for her britches. It is exhausting. But you can set your watch by it. Without fail, if there is a situation where a woman is competing against Read more

Wednesday 5:09PM

If you want to bash Dr. Oz for being a snakeoil salesman, have at it, that’s all very well documented! You’re the one who said that “faux intellectual” was close to describing her, and considering that label makes absolutely no sense considering her academic credentials, only makes sense for me to assume that your Read more

Wednesday 12:52PM

Lmao “that is a huge No-No”, get the fuck out of here. 

Wednesday 12:36PM

I think people criticizing Bialik for being too intellectual and smarmy need to rewatch Trebek. He could be downright condescending and douchey with the accents.  Yet we all loved it.

Wednesday 11:32AM

Mentioned this somewhere else, but she literally has a PhD. There’s plenty of other reasons not to like her, but calling someone with her credentials a “faux-intellectual” is just rank sexism.

Wednesday 11:31AM

I didn’t realize we had a relative of one of Ken’s murder victims in the comments. My prayers go out to you.

Wednesday 9:07AM

Faux-intellectualism? From someone with a doctorate in neuroscience? Explain, please.