11/19/19 10:51AM

The point is that people address it to folks that aren’t Boomers. The point is that enables conversation that’s lacking in nuance. Isn’t there enough of that on the other side?

11/05/19 11:57AM

Y’alls trick-ass rotting pumpkin best not try this shit with February.

10/29/19 11:14AM

Can you please let us know if there is any kind of legislative advocacy that people who are reading this and are outraged can engage in? Are there particular lawmakers to contact?

10/02/19 11:11AM

Literally, the lion looks like “Nah, I heard the crazy taints the meat. I’ll pass.”

10/01/19 11:38AM

Marcia straight called her a prostitute to her face. In that conversation in Sonoma(?) where she said “My friend? Who was like you? She was murdered.”

8/30/19 10:59AM

On Twitter, she also talked about the fact that her local police had an anti-swatting “registry” that ensured that they attempted to reach someone before sending an armed response to her home. Why is this the only police department in the country that seems to be taking the issue seriously enough to at least attempt Read more

8/08/19 10:47AM

Fuck putting it in the trash - I’m scanning it, blowing it up to poster size, having it laminated, and putting it out in said yard. Read more

8/02/19 12:07PM

I’m fascinated by corporate fuckwits who purchase a thing and then try to turn that thing into the opposite of itself. Read more

7/31/19 11:36AM

Actually, my boss claims that keeping your shoes on is bad for people with circulatory issues. But, she makes sure to wear fresh socks so she’s not stinking up the plane. Read more

7/30/19 12:22PM

This happened to my mother on a flight home for a family funeral. It wasn’t until she went to check in online the day before her flight that Jetblue informed her that her reservation didn’t exist, despite a confirmation number. Read more

7/29/19 2:22PM

Ah yes, the “turn the other cheek” ignorant bullshit. How likely to land you with a blistered red face.

7/26/19 11:18AM

You can be held in your cabin in a type of house arrest. Don’t know what happens to your cabinmate.

7/26/19 11:17AM

I cruise a lot (mostly for the ease and cheapness of travel planning) and I can tell you that people seem to think they have stepped through some interdimensional portal when they are on cruises. Read more

7/25/19 3:39PM

I cannot think of a number or quanta sufficient to describe the level of glee you just gave me.

7/25/19 3:24PM

I can literally make my mother laugh at a funeral by referencing this meme.