Swarles Barkley
2/18/21 6:49PM

The fox can dig tunnels like a mole, for some reason.

2/09/21 12:08PM

This will convince nobody. If you’re the sort of person to blame Chinese scientists for this pandemic, the fact that the WHO is saying you’re wrong will not change your mind - partly because, according to your conspiracy theory of choice, the WHO was probably in on it, and also partly because the WHO has in all Read more

10/12/20 9:07PM

Promoting suicide during a mental health pandemic, some great stuff.

10/12/20 8:26PM

I was with you until you suggested suicide.  No need for that.

9/05/20 12:14AM

Shhh. I know edumication hurts you; but I’m sure you can tolerate a little pain. Read more

7/31/20 9:31AM

They don’t understand that this behavior is incremental and it will never occur to them that they’re at risk by being silent. At least it won’t until they’re the ones in a van with hood over their head being driven to a “re-education camp”. Read more

7/09/20 10:22AM

Nice work. You gave her the old, "I'm not telling you to shut the fuck up, but you really might consider shutting the fuck up."

7/08/20 1:20PM

Because no one of substance wants to go through the unmitigated shitshow that is running for the presidency. Read more

6/17/20 8:58AM

That is not what I asked for. I asked for a list of books written by people from the Obama administration or his family who accuse or tell stories about him being a criminal, liar, and institutional incompetent. That’s just a list of things you consider to be failures on his part. Every President has failures. I’m not Read more

6/03/20 5:43PM

As much as this is an important step to take, suing the police department won’t accomplish the necessary results — the police department is a protective bubble around the police officers who committed these crimes. Any damages incurred will be paid by the PUBLIC (through their tax dollars) and not by the actual Read more

6/02/20 7:52AM

Trump only seems unpopular because of cell phones and the internet and the way we cloister ourselves among the like-minded. Read more

6/02/20 6:59AM

One bad apple doesnt mean all apples are bad. You fail to understand basic common sense with your paragraph...You say blacks are fed up so its ok to riot...well...So are well meaning police being afraid for THEIR lives and are doing the same thing you claim is ok. Get the point? Read more

6/01/20 11:49AM

I say this because it’s career suicide. Do you think a mayor, governor, congressmen, or even presidential candidate could win by saying “First thing I’m going to do is repeal Qualified Immunity? You can’t vote for change because there’s not a politician brave enough or powerful enough to make that change across this Read more

6/01/20 8:18AM

I said this for the last 5 days. Riots are about the only thing that is effective. The people are frustrated because there is no peaceful venue to fix our system. Read more