May 20

I didn’t appreciate or understand my Corvair at the time. By way of atonement, I saved a derelict and take good care of it.

Apr 3

Ok, that’s fair. I shouldn’t have made that assumption. Just for transparency, I work in the auto industry as an engineer for one of the big ones. Trust me, with the pay that the unions demand, if we want to bring manufacturing back to the states, there’s no way we can employ as many people as factories overseas do. Read more

Apr 3

WTF Ford. You sell ONE car. Should have thought about your car sales before you killed them off. Read more

Feb 19

The engineering that goes into developing RPM happy pushrod engines and the sciency shit behind bore and stroke and piston velocity is all interesting stuff. Read more

Jan 22

I don’t like an overly loud restaurant, but usually when it does reach the level of me noticing the noise it’s because of the stupid “industrial” design ethos of all hard surfaces and open ceilings amplifying the sound. Would a few soft surfaces to help absorb some sound kill these people?

Jan 1

Perhaps a little off topic, but I truly loved the photography in this article. Very nice.

Dec 5

What kind of “experts” don’t suggest a Honda Accord Sport 2.0T which is a similar motor to the Type R.   Comes in a Manual Transmission and is a great family sedan and what I’d expect would be Honda reliability.