1 hr ago

I was a bit concerned with the small volume (30mL) but it did go a long way, almost half of the CSL is remaining and I was able to finish two coats of EXO with only a couple drops left in the bottle, so it definitely does go a long way. I might try the panelwipe as paint prep in the future (as in spray down the panel Read more

5:35 PM

What’s it like to live in a country where the government cares whether or not you keep on living?

2:45 PM

Nicely crafted, I regret that it’s hard to get duck breast like that around here. 

2:44 PM

No, I’m not gonna pollute another country with my negative vibes. I’m just gonna sulk over my 1.5-world problems some more.

2:27 PM

Fun coincidence, I also had to go to the ER in 2015, and the bills that followed had me wishing I lived in a legit mature developed first world country. Murka is still cool though.

9:32 PM

I can see the appeal for these trim line appearance packages to the masses, but I’ve never been a big fan of them. For me, if it looks sporty, it should really have the powertrain to match.