Mar 5

I watched an American cousin of mine get pissy when we visited Asda (a British supermarket chain. Formerly owned by those Walmart cunts) and he couldn’t get his “chips” in his desired flavour. So we bought multipacks from different brands to see what he liked. Read more

Feb 11

European customers require different engine options. The more the better. Don’t offer this, and consumers will find what they want at the competition. Read more

Feb 8

do products now have to list everything they WON’T do or that you SHOULDN’T do with It? Read more

Jan 21

The Skodas that are popular in the UK but not sold in the US?
I’m detecting a theme.

Jan 19

Good lord. The front end of that Ranger is on that only a mother could love.

Jan 7

I was listening to talk radio this morning. I’m also horrified by the amount of people STILL calling in, after ALL THIS SHIT, and saying things like the following: Read more

Dec 23

France also closed its borders with Germany for good measure, but the German truckers just followed the detour through Belgium as usual. Read more

Dec 21

How can people be sofa king stupid that they can’t do without a holiday vacation or visit for one fucking year?

If World War II had happened with the selfish population of today that’s unwilling to lift a single goddamn finger for the greater good, we’d have had our asses kicked.

Dec 12

Hmmm. Perhaps I’m too laissez faire, and certainly the actual sensors involved may show a more serious outcome for vehicle occupants, but superficially, those crash tests don’t look nearly as bad as plenty of others I’ve seen. Having lived most of my life driving vehicles *without* side airbags, it’s not as if I Read more

Dec 5

Pineapple on pizza is fucking delicious. You fuckers all hate it because pop culture tells you to hate it.

Nov 26

Not really. You add additional drivers on to your policy for the car. I have two policies covering two cars that allows me as the Main driver and the two other named drivers to use the car. 

Nov 25

Some further context: I just had a gander at the linked story. The tweet they controlled the comments on was one in which they announced that Camilla had joined “a video call with staff and formerly homeless residents of Emmaus discuss the challenges faced by the charity as a result of the coronavirus Read more

Nov 25

It’s more about the mentality of any person from another country saying “you’re running your country wrong, here, let me fix it for you—because I know best”. Read more

Nov 25

Ummm, no? British colonization was horrific and unjust. My comment was more to point out the irony of someone saying that colonialism is terrible, and then in the next breath suggesting how they think a foreign country should be run, as if their opinion as an outsider is the right one.

Nov 25

I will never understand the idea that its ok to harass and abuse public figures just because they are public figures. Especially for stuff they did literally decades ago that didn’t hurt anyone but their own domestic unit. Like I’d get it if like, Idi Amin had a Twitter account and people were attacking that dude Read more

Nov 25

There’s so much to unpack when it comes to Americans deciding that other countries should overthrow their governments because we somehow know what’s best for the people of another nation? That’s just a new brand of colonialism, and it’s gross. Read more