8/08/19 6:48AM

I'm all for spelling, punctuation, and effective sentence structure.

3/29/19 1:56PM

Well, she kind of had to. Otherwise it would have been the little girl and Giannis from the waist down, which would be some strange cropping. Would have been funny to watch her try and back up out of the room to get it in landscape though.

12/21/18 2:56PM

Fuck that ref. That’s point one. But also, fuck Andrew Johnson’s team, coach, and school for not showing up for him. If he’s expected to sacrifice his time, youth, and energy for a sports team and their collective victories, those motherfuckers could have stuck up for him. All the weekends, afternoons, evenings, Read more

12/04/18 1:29PM

who swore that you should never put a manual transmission in neutral but should always leave it in gear with the clutch depressed.

11/20/18 6:22PM

Just a quick tip from a long time sales guy, literally none of us fall for the “I have a meeting in an hour” line. We all know it’s a lie, and it’s not going to help you get out of there any quicker because we know we’re being lied to, and just like the consumer, we don’t like being lied to! Just be honest and tell Read more

7/10/18 10:59AM

Adam, you just lost all respect I had for you. We should not be shaming people that try to help, whether the help was needed or not. He has been very clear about his intentions to try to help if needed and if not, then great. He has also tweeted that the rescue was all the Thai government and he was not needed, but he Read more

6/25/17 8:01PM

I used WedPics for free and put the code on all the name cards. They make money by trying to sell you physical copies of the pictures. Whole thing worked great.

9/15/16 4:20PM

Whether or not people believe that climate change is man-made or cyclical, can’t we all agree having less pollution is objectively better??

8/08/16 5:13PM

Actually, as much as I liked your theory. One simple google search proved you wrong. Ed Bassmaster right arm is tattooed.

4/18/16 11:17AM

Buying a Honda Insight is still the worst decision he’s ever made, a problem somehow solved by the second worst decision he’s ever made.

3/30/16 11:27PM

Going to the youtube link, in the details it says specifically do not attempt to use a railroad tie to recreate because of the toxic fumes.... gawker:idiots smdh

3/30/16 5:13PM

Casey Chan; If you bothered to even read the description of the youtube video you linked, it clearly says it’s an untreated beam and that you should NOT use railroad ties. You’re going to get someone hurt one of these days dude.

1/07/14 3:06PM

... i thought we already established that putting the CO detector close to the ground was no more efficient than putting it on the ceiling since CO is actually slightly lighter than air and evenly disperses through a room. Not saying this isnt a good device but dont go around claiming lies as facts.