Jul 25 2019

Some people are masochists. Work impossible hours, almost no paid holiday, almost no social safety net, shitty education system and shitty health care situation yet mocking those who have made a better society for themselves.

Jul 21 2019

You clearly understand the challenges faced here and are thinking like a master villain. Drones are for children, my 5 year old grandson loves zipping mine around the neighborhood. The bee is the only clear solution. 

Jul 19 2019

Meh, would suit my needs about 350 days out of the year.
I can rent fun stuff on vacation for the rest. I like it

May 31 2019

Whenever I see an early 1980’s jaguar, I think of the move Crazy People starring Dudley Moore, who was the ad exec that came up with this:

Apr 4 2019

At the gym where I take my son for tennis, there are plenty of parking space in the overflow lot. People sit in traffic and rush to the first open space to be closer to the entrance. Why? So they can have a shorter walk. But then they get into the gym and get on the stair climber for the next hour... Go figure :)

Mar 23 2019

I can’t justify dropping $700+ on a new console or computer but I would like to play some modern games.  A monthly service like this would be ideal for me.  But, i’m probably an asshole for not complaining. 

Feb 26 2019

This lucky person already owns #2 (with a power steering pump from #3) and might get #4 in the future. Good enough for me. 

Feb 22 2019

Let’s suppose an X1 driving a-hole is doing what we’d expect: not paying attention to road and she plows into some kid and instantly kills the child. What will the Bimmer “driver” claim? Read more

Feb 19 2019

My lowly Cruze has Bluetooth.  I am also 60 years old.  Yes, people my age who think that syncing their phone to their car is too complicated have been idiots all of their lives.