Yesterday 4:55PM

Look, give them a break, they’ve tried nothing and are all out of ideas!

Yesterday 4:41PM

If only there was a publicly funded way of transporting large groups of people all over the island without needing to have everyone drive their own car.

Yesterday 2:16PM

Hell yes! If you’ve had any success in breaking your players of the “every enemy must be fought, every fight must end in death” mentality, you’ve been luckier than I. My players are the furthest thing from murderhobos I’ve ever played with but I think video games have conditioned them to think that way. Read more

Yesterday 1:54PM

This, and the acknowledgement of it in the article, was the highlight of this read. I can’t imagine what went through their minds when they chose to use that as an example.

Yesterday 1:26PM

I’ll tell you what, Link had a whole “Kill Bill revenge music close-up” moment when he saw Pot Boy grow long spindly arms and drag itself across the ground. Read more

Yesterday 12:29PM

Is King Dice gonna have to choke a bitch?

Yesterday 9:43AM

oliver’s show in particular is almost 1:1 the same as it’s ever been. 

Yesterday 9:08AM

“That three hours and 57 minutes i stood there and vandalized the statue and then fully explained why I was doing it IS NOT WHO I  AM!”

Yesterday 8:45AM

As much as sporting events are so much better with big crowds, other then the occasional spitting or popcorn dumping by the occasional incel, I kind of enjoyed shows like Colbert, John Oliver and Trevor Noah without the studio audience. Kind of like how I prefer shows without a laugh track. Oliver and Colbert are Read more

Thursday 8:20PM

i will be buying this because i want to support modular difficulty options in all games

Wednesday 4:17PM

The fact that you think your behavior is what we SHOULD do when a cop flips their lights on is part of the problem. I don’t blame you for it, but victim blaming this woman for doing what she’s supposed to do according to the state’s own guidance and then falling back on your own fucked-up, traumatized reaction to Read more

4/23/20 11:21AM

Explain, in as many words as it takes, how “I wish cops wouldn’t kill people” is one side or the other of a political spectrum. 

4/22/20 10:18PM

Obviously not, but send him a fucking ticket for running the light. Which is the normal thing that happens when you run a red light.

Next time you get a moving violation, will you expect the police to pit-maneuver you?