Yesterday 2:27PM

Oh yeah, between mindless enemies always fighting to the death and experience-per-kill, there’s a bunch of videogame-logic that needs tweaking with tabletop RPG players.

Yesterday 12:07PM

I would be hecka interested to see the spreadsheet/document that outlines how many prints-per-whatever each specific card receives in order to classify rarity.

Thursday 10:08PM

I like that it’s breaking the idea of “git gud or get out”, but I also quite simply like the narrative idea of “not everything needs to die.” Read more

Wednesday 12:50PM

While it’s not anywhere near as bad or as prevalent as the flip side, this is an example of “leaning so far left, you’re right.” It’s making woke-ness an identity, the idea that anything and everything not explicitly [Left-Focused Demographic] deserves harsh criticism on par with actually-harmful organizations. In Read more

Wednesday 12:27PM

Bet that guy IS George Soros!

Tuesday 12:33PM

I really really really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wish Deadspin was still alive to see their take on this fight.

Tuesday 12:46AM

Honestly, this is a very good UI for audiences—the flashy combo numbers aren’t going to interrupt an audience member’s combo flow, and the pauses with launches and wall breaks give spectators the chance to “catch up” with the action. Read more

Monday 10:24AM

As great as that would be, it would absolutely never happen. He’s going to be cushioned so hard by money and other grifters who love money.

6/03/21 10:47PM

I agree with your line of logic. In a game where there are only two characters present (and going for Option B, where the Player Character isn’t affected but the Target NPC is), they decided that putting the Bi character on the screen counts. Read more

6/03/21 9:52AM

“Attack 1” also epitomizes a trend more common amongst the European game composers of the day. In contrast to most Japanese game tracks, most European compositions took their time. Whereas Japanese composers of the 16-bit era tended to create tightly compacted and densely intricate tracks, on average looping around Read more

6/03/21 9:45AM

The day Gorillaz jumped on, I nearly watched my soul leave my body. A band built around the premise of “late-stage capitalism is bad” jumped in on a late-stage capitalism grift, and it hurt because of how much I love them.

6/01/21 8:30PM

I don’t care what people say, this movie is great. It’s 90's cheesiness at its most glorious.

5/28/21 11:00AM

I found myself genuinely curious about the itemized price for the umbrellas and those “highly contemporary minimalist stools”. I mean, they’re fucking stools. They’re stools!

5/27/21 3:15PM

I can’t see Sam Richardson without hearing him yell, “EAT THAT GOOP, SCROOGE.”

5/27/21 10:53AM

Bloomberg just ran an article saying that the Switch Pro is slated to be released in Sept-Oct, and that its announcement is imminent, before E3, so you’re more than likely right on the money!

5/25/21 10:44AM

This is both really cool and also very much makes me hesitate. I wonder what kind of vetting/scheduling they’ll have. While it will be fun to watch talented DJ’s do some interesting remixes, I can just picture someone who has no idea what they’re doing showing up and donking around for their entire “setlist.” Read more