Satoshi "Zipang" Katsura
Sep 24

The first game alone would really work better as a whole season’s worth of TV. The whole series could be adapted to several years’ worth of content.

Sep 15

Please don’t release it with that plain square grille Nissan... this took me 10 minutes, I’m sure it can be updated at this stage:

Sep 15

This is a series that really needs to make a comeback. My personal favorite is Shutoku Battle X, which was sold here as import tuner challenge, and was available on the 360, which gave it a huge leap forward in graphics and gameplay. In fact, two days ago, I bought a refurbished 360 just to play it again.

Aug 26

I don’t mean to excuse this guy, because he shouldn’t have said what he did, but compared to some of the things I’ve been called in my life beef cheese is practically a compliment.

Mar 26

The only question I have, is he also a Kamen Rider like his dad was?

Feb 5

I think that, in addition to whatever fines and jail time they get, anyone who pulls these kinds of stunts should be required to delete all their social media accounts and stay off the internet for a couple of years.

Jan 22

That young man is in a real twist. Attending Barbers High School with long hair is just asking for trouble. They need to cut him some slack; he’s just a hair’s breadth away from graduation.

Dec 29

I lost my wife, who was only 36, earlier this month and losing someone so young, unexpectedly, just doesn’t feel real. It feels like she is just out of town and will come walking through the door any moment. The sadness that comes when you realize that will never happen can be incredibly overwhelming. Read more

Nov 20 2019

It’s getting old. There’s no novelty left in that joke. Yes, it’s a BMW. And it wouldn’t exist any other way. Get used to cobranded sports cars, because it's the only way they make financial sense to produce