Like you, I’ve never had the desire to have children (I’m 41 and married). When nosey people (unfortunately it’s usually women, usually mothers) ask about our lack of children, I am honest. None of this “ooohhh the world is s scary place, how could I bring a baby into this world!” BS. I tell them I have never had the Read more

“Oh god! There’s a cat in that burning building!....... Ah! I know what to do!” *Throws another cat into burning building* “Now they won’t be alone.”
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What lunatic has a second child just so the first doesn’t have ‘to face an environmental collapse alone.’???? Read more

It’s just another way to feel superior to the “mombies” and “daddicts” (commonly used terms, I shit you not). Read more

We adopted both our children. (I was not that interested in being pregnant or passing on my autoimmune-disorder genes.) People always comment about how wonderful/heroic/whatever my husband and I are. I always say, “Nope. Their birthmoms were heroic. We adopted due to a selfish desire to have kids.” IMO, parenting is Read more

Preach! I don’t hate Kylie but I find her beyond annoying and I think teens/young adults are smart enough to know that our lives are nothing like hers in both good and bad ways. Read more

None of it leaked?? The whole world knew she was pregnant . . . Read more

She’s 20. She’s not a teen. Read more

There’s a good reason to not kiss your kids on the mouth — fucken herpes, man. Even if you don’t think you have it, you probably do, and you don’t want to pass that onto your child. My crazy ex-SIL used to kiss her kids on the mouth and my poor nephew developed a really nasty sore on his lip when he was really young. Read more

The fact that Mueller is making Donald Trump and this collection of scumbags shit in their pants is too good. He has his tax returns and probably has the piss tape in high definition with directors commentary. Trump and his family of grifters made one fatal mistake, they pissed off the intelligence community. These Read more

The historical driving force here may have been female purity/fragility. But I don’t think it is anymore. Because while Female purity/fragility may have been the ideal for white motherhood in the late 19th century, I think for a long time now there’s been a different ideal: That of the fearsome “mama bear.” (Retches.) Read more

It’s the height of entitlement to think you are entitled to a Lorde concert, and not having to be exposed to a celebrity’s political opinion (only their entertainment). Read more

Rose McGowan was on The View today and said one of the most powerful things about rape victims in the most powerful way I’ve heard it voiced “The only perfect rape victim is a dead one and that’s a fact.” One of the reasons no one believed me or gave a shit because I wasn’t “acting” like a rape victim “should” act. Read more

I didn’t even think of that......I had two pregnancies and sheesh, I would be kinda pissed too. I know she had some issues during her pregnancy that caused her to use a surrogate, but..... it does scream a little insensitive. Read more

Those photos would piss me off if I were her surrogate. That woman is sitting with her post-partum stomach and breast filling up with milk and no one to nurse, and Kim posts that? Why? What’s the point and what’s with the timing? Read more

If I posted pictures of myself nekked on the interwebs (Note: No) I certainly wouldn’t want my family members responding to it. Jesus, what at they, the fucking Lannisters?
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We’ve all see her naked, so many, many, many, many times.

I see that Diane Keaton is taking the Lena Dunham approach to things. Read more

Drawing him as a cat is an insult to cats. Read more

They way she acts around him, it feels like they’re divorced in all but name. Read more