Sultana Khan
Aug 21 2017

As editor in chief of Splinter, I must state that Splinter does not endorse Hamilton Nolan’s views about the eclipse. I do, however, support him emotionally.

May 22 2017
A Message From Our Lawyer
Kavi Reddy, Esq.

[Every so often, Kavi Reddy, Gizmodo Media Group’s ever-so-cromulent attorney, has Good Car Takes. This is one of

May 14 2017

I also asked her to describe Trump in three words and her response was: “Stupid asshole”

May 14 2017

Great post, Karen! Don’t forget, you’re also cooler than your son.

Dec 6 2016

Drew joked about a haunting cover of “Barbie Girl” but then I found one by Scala and Kolacny Brothers and now it’s definitely going to be in a trailer within the next two years.

Nov 17 2016

Your prospective here is exactly what we need in Portland. While I was not at the meeting (children), I know some who were. One Good White Person came away with a less scathing, albeit similar, report of the meeting. Read more

Nov 9 2016

Support thread for anyone who is FUCK YOU EVERYONE fuck you FUCK you fuckity fuckity fucckkkkkkkk shit ass tits shit ass dick fuck FUCK...right now.

Sep 15 2016
The Aftermath

I’m braiding the hair of a woman who disinvited me from her wedding when it occurs to me I’m not good at boundaries.